Radio, Radio, wherefore art though ..

Looking at my last posts – it’s been about a month since I’ve last posted.  Mostly because I haven’t been that active on the HF side of things.  I seem to be too busy on other issues of the day to spend enough time on the radio.

It’s been an eventful month, some good, some not so.  A local fellow ham has become a SK.  Doug ve4dds, passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He was involved in some technical interests that we both had a long-time involvement with, and he was just taking his advanced course when he passed.  Doug was a smart guy – he will be missed.

On the other side of the fence, I spend a fair bit of time assisting RAC with their membership administration, assisting HQ  and system administration functions — it’s evolving that’s for sure.  During one of these email assistance, a new RAC member, Paul, asked if I knew Irv’6BP in Calgary.  Now that’s an interesting statement – since he lived just down the road from me in Calgary at the time and whom I bought my FT-101E from … weird how that works out eh.  Anyways, had a good email chat and will be looking for him on the nets.

A few weeks ago, there was a 10m contest (the 10-10 club I believe) and I put in quite a few contacts on that one.  It was interesting and I managed to work a few of the 10-10 members.  Funny though – I was just checking and the requirements of the contest was to have your results posted by last week 🙁 oh well — so much for my memory.  I did a quick check on their website and there are a couple of CDN hams on their admin group – I wonder what the stats are for how many CDN hams are active with the group…

Enough for now — hope to catch you on the air …

73, de Dan ve4drk