New Radio …

Well – I’ve been looking at them for a while (new – to me – radios) and with my recent birthday money decided to jump in (thanks Michele/Robert).

A local ham was selling a digital radio (older, but newer to me) on the local flea market postings.  Had a look and it looks reasonable, so I jumped at it.  Glad I did.  I got home, plugged it in, listened for a while on a number of bands and tried out the functions/knobs/etc on it —- man — is it quite different than my ol’ trusty knoby FT-101E….

But, I tuned around and heard a very loud local station, Leor (lee) ve4dxr talking with some remote G3 DX  on 40m– so I gave them a call — lo’and’behold, sure enough, g3lnp (tony) came back with a 4/7…. unfortunately, with my antenna, I barely copied him and gave him a 2/5 — but, at least I made it out.  I’m sure he was doing all the heavy-lifting WRT RF — but I was quite pleased with the first contact made on this new (to me) rig.  It’s a Kenwood TS-450S(AT) and seems to work well.

I’m including the pic of the rig below and will have to test it out more rigorously in the weeks ahead — welcoming myself to the digital HF era (only a couple of years behind) 😉


73, Dan ve4drk