RAC Winter Contest 2013

I enjoy the RAC contests — and like to make as many CDN contacts as possible.  (I need more wire in the air!).  But I did operate almost 12 hours in the contest — and in those hours I was able to use some new tools.  I actually deemed it good to use software to log entries instead of manually copying them on paper 🙂  Add that with a new(er) radio (ie: a synthesized radio with an auto-tuner as opposed to my ol’ trust Yaesu FT101E manual radio with manual tuner) — I was able to log alot of contacts.  (Well, at least for me it was alot).

This is what I will be claiming — 🙂

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
         1.8       1      10    1
         3.5      14     144    5
           7      24     248    7
          14      59     528    9
          21      42     364    7
          28       3      30    2
       Total     143    1324   31
            Score : 41,044
It is noteworthy that the sole 160m contact was with a local ham who I could probably see his tower if I stand on my roof!
Learned alot with this contest — so — as with everything else, I need better antennas…
73, Dan ve4drk

Visit to VE4VJ/VE4WPG

(Note I put VE4VJ first — I like that repeater more than WPG 🙂

Anyways — Had the chance to visit the top of the Richardson Building in downtown Winnipeg to assist in putting up a high-speed digital link to another intermediary — unfortunately, where the tower was located (on the far-side of where we were going to) and the angle was too steep (only on the other side of the block) – the link would be untenable. 🙂

So – looking for another means to put that into operation — there is always more than one way to skin a cat … more to come I’m sure …

Oh yeah – some pics from up high — great location though.

73, Dan ve4drkIMG_20131227_084916 IMG_20131227_084907 IMG_20131227_084928

10m contest …. weeeeeee…

This past weekend I was able to spend a few hours participating in the ARRL 10m contest http://www.arrl.org/10-meter and had some fun doing it.  It was certainly a lot easier making quick contacts on this new(er) rig of mine.  With my ol’ trusty FT101E I had to manually tune the rig and the manual antenna tuner — can take some time in some cases — but with this new digital radio of mine, I just go.

The band was fairly open — made contacts across the pond and alot of north-south DX’ing going on.  All-in-all, I hit 10 US states, 7 CDN provinces, 5 MX states and 13 other DX countries (I was hunting for more of the DX 🙂 … so, from my counting, I think I have about 4690 points.  Not bad, considering my standing last year — I made one contact 🙂  I was even able to massage the contacts and send in my log to the robot the same day!  A first for me too.

So — looks like it will be fun with the RAC winter contest coming up … will have to get a better dipole up for this one.

73, Dan ve4drk

Local ARISS project

I like to support the efforts of those who work with youth in various fields.  A prior WARC meeting brought about a presentation from the Shaftesbury High School High Altitude Robotics Project (SHARP)  http://shsballoonproject.pbworks.com  and http://www.pembinatrails.ca/shaftesbury/ARISS/Index.html



Their mission is to provide a full-time available VE4ISS Telebridge System to the International Space Station located and operated here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Upon hearing of their goals, I immediately placed my money on the table and gave them a donation at the meeting.  I would encourage you to do the same.

This will be the only telebridge system in Canada for the ISS.  More information on the amateur radio support of the ISS is at:  http://www.arrl.org/ariss

(Note – recently moved from ariss.rac.ca to  arrl.org/ariss — RAC has been hosting this site for years and ARRL has recently taken over hosting).

73, Dan ve4drk