NAQP SSB 2014 – Radiosport Manitoba

Once again (for the second time) – I participated in the North American QSO Party (SSB).  It’s a fairly quick event running for 12 hours with 10 hours operating time for a single operator.  I worked almost the full 10 hours – those hours certainly go by fast!  I think the XYL enjoyed it better with me using my headset!  (Although – wearing them for a long time gets hard on the head)

First time for me operating with a club name — welcome “Radiosport Manitoba”.

I primarily used my ground-mounted vertical for the contest and did try the ‘long-wire’ – but in the end, the vertical won.  (That might say something about my setup of the long-wire though — so, I’ll work on that!)

My logged score (as it is) is as such:naqpssb2014rsm


Remember — I’m a n00b at this (ie: newbie) — so be nice.

I have to say, I’m in the presence of some local ‘masters’ of contesting, as it were, as the club has some serious participants with much more experience and great station setups:  VE4EA, VE4GV, VE4VT, VE4YU, VE4XT and me — that’s what I know.

I have received some more tips on enhancing my operating / etc — so there is always work to be done to get better – not to mention getting the RF gear in better shape.  Will see how much time I get to play in the next while (it is a hobby) 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk