2012 ARRL 10m Contest

Well, I have been dabbling in the odd contest here or there, but I seem to get distracted and not upload my results all the time, so I just end up logging them into the LoTW.

But, in the mail yesterday, an envelope from the ARRL arrived.  In it, yes, was another contest certificate!  Wow, I was thinking, great — except — it’s almost embarrassing the score that was claimed.  A whopping “2” — yes, you heard that right – two.  Seems I have two options, claim the score or just submit check logs.

If you look at my first post in this little blog (the one waaaaaaay at the end), you will notice a little reference to this 10m contest — funny too, my 10m dipole is still up 🙂


What does this say about the local (ve4) participation in contests?  Well, would be good to change some of that!

Until another arrives …

73, Dan ve4drk