CQ WW WPX Contest (SSB)

Well, my code is rusty and I don’t do digital on HF (yet), so SSB it is…

This was a 48hr contest with a single operator only allowing 36hrs to operate.  While I did participate in this contest more than I had in any other contest, I was still within 12hrs of the max.

My interest was to have the opportunity to work plenty of DX and see how well it goes.  Remember, I still have my ol’ trusty ground-mounted vertical to work off of, so it was tough at times, but oh well, spring is coming soon too — and the snow is melting (although we’re getting another 10cm tomorrow 🙂

I heard a number of VE4’s participating in the contest and I was able to work a couple of locals, as well as the boys at vc6r in ve6-land – their 40m signal was strong.

With the time I had, I certainly logged more scores – and it was interesting to see, as the contest went forward, that my multipliers really made a difference for each contact I made – made me want to get that next contact in the log.  Was a couple of long nights and I didn’t work the end of the contest as I’m not setup to run, but I was able to get the following out of it:

CQ WW WPX score


I like the fact that I got 220 unique prefixes out of 330 contacts – that will aid my DXCC in the logs (I hope).  I pushed the logs to LoTW to beat the rush .. and I already have a couple more entities showing up, so I’m now at 43.  A ways to go, and I’m sure it will get tougher …

’till the next time …

73, Dan ve4drk

Russian DX Contest

Well, I had some time to work the Russian DX contest on this past weekend.  In some ways it was nice to have a one full day contest (even though I could not spare all the time — having only put in about 4.5 hours). Regardless, working DX with a vertical has it’s challenges — lack of directivity and being a tad on the weak side, especially since I run barefoot @ 100 watts.

I did hear a couple of the other local DX guys SaP, but not very much NA activity from what I heard.  Could be that all the beams were pointing elsewhere 🙂

So, here’s my results — I do like the fact that I am getting plenty of countries.


Time to get that computer interface working, and a foot pedal.

I received an email from NCJ about the sprint that night, but unfortunately was not able to make that on such short notice – planning in advance may help 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk


Radiosport Manitoba – Contest Group

Very good turn-out tonight for our second meeting.  While we continue with the process of structurally forming the group, we were able to discuss things HF and DX.  It was great to see everyone turn out and get to know what we’ve been up to.  Thanks to my XYL, Michele, for all her food and drink selections and spread, all was great.  In attendance:  VE4YU Ed, VE4SN Adam, VE4EA Cary, VE4GV Rob, VE4EAR(VT) Ed, VE4XT Kelly, VE4DRK Dan.

So, the group now has a founding executive to help things go forward.

President – Ed, ve4ear (ve4vt)

Vice President: Cary, ve4ea

Treasurer: Ed, ve4yu

Secretary: Dan ve4drk

We talked about a number of items and lots more to come, so we have work to do to ensure we support the interests and needs of the group and DX in general — so will be a great to see this group moving forward.

More to come!

73, Dan ve4drk

2014 ARRL DX Contest (Phone)

This contest runs for a full 2 day period (6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday – at least CDT anyways).  This year, I was able to spend a few hours working the bands – and I’m glad I did!  Wow.  10m was hopping and 15 was great as well.  20m was down until later on in the evening.

Too bad I was working the contest with only a vertical — but, hey, you use what you have.  Seems to me I need a beam – at least for 10/15/20 — I don’t think I can afford a 40m beam, especially the space and weight!

Our local group now has it’s name listed as one of the contest groups 🙂  Radiosport Manitoba (RadMan).

Our group listings are as such:

RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores
RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores


My breakdown was as such:



While it was difficult to get through a pile-up, persistence did pay off most of the time — finding the right time to slip in.  Most of the time, once another station hears the ‘ve4…’ they get excited and work it in right away.  Seems again, this section is a bit of a rarity in the HF contesting world.

We had our inaugural meet-up a bit more than a month ago.  While most made it, there were a few absent.  Next meet up will be at my home QTH next week, so will be good to discuss all things HF/DX/Contesting/Station/etc … Looking forward to it …

73, Dan ve4drk