RadioSport Manitoba

Well – another meeting was had last night – this time at VE4XT’s residence.  A number of items were discussed and resolutions made — all in the name of actively encouraging and supporting DX and contesting 🙂

Also – we’re now bona fide group – even with official receipts:


Only had a few bucks in my pocket at the time, so the rest will pay when I meet up with Ed next — thanks for getting these spiffy new receipts Ed!

As I was saying – the groups’ about supporting and encouraging DX and contesting – helping other locals to get active on the HF bands and spread the word.

We will be working the field day operations at our local WARC field day — expect to hear us on – should be a great turn-out and lots of operating!

In the mean-time, my little TS450S seems to have developed a humidity issue (or so I’ve been told).  With the recent rain and my radio being in the basement (next to the sump pit), it may be humid – but it seems to go totally deaf (no rx/audio) when the filters are on — turning off the IF filters bring the rx/audio back — so — while I am very comfortable working with computing hardware and the like, I’ll have to check out the inners of this and check the connections a bit more — hopefully it will come to a good end — I like the radio and it works quite well.  Will see how things go — and hopefully I stay on the air.

till next time .. 73, Dan ve4drk