… a new mode that I have not done before .. and still have not done at my own QTH.

I was lucky enough to team up with Cary VE4EA for a while Friday night at the start of the contest.  I stuck around and helped worked from 1900 hr local to about 0130hrs local the next day, so about 7 or so hours off and on.  Too bad we didn’t have it spec’ed out fully – would have been interesting to work more.  It is quite a different mode — no need to use a microphone — all keyboard and tuning – we had a bit of a pile-up there now and then too, so that proved interesting.  Cary kept going and got quite the score.

So, given that with RTTY — the next CQ WW SSB contest is coming up soon!  I will have to participate in that more fully 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk

Worked All Europe – SSB (WAE) 2014

Well– it all started out as checking into the local 80m traffic net.  It has been rather interesting the last few days — my noise-level on my rig is almost nil!  I’m wondering, what the’ is going on — but, with a couple of items working against RF, such as the recent CME and my ‘movement’ of my antenna to accommodate some improvements to my landscape. it’s hard to pin-point it down (at least for now).

So, I hear the odd european station calling on the contest and I give the odd call out here and there.  I’m not really working the contest per se, but am helping out some other hams get their contacts up with a local VE4 contact.   Remember, since I’m not really working the contest I’m not using my usual N1MM contest software, but am logging it via paper-log (yes, paper log).  I pick it back up the next day and end up spending more time than expected on the contest.  It was quite strange in some ways — I was hearing more European stations than local North American stations – again, I’m thinking my antenna movement is to blame.  The background noise level is almost nil – and some stations just boom into my rig, where others are so quiet, but I can work them non-the-less.   In the end, I put in a few hours to see what’s going on and to make further contacts

So now to the hard work, transposing those entries from the hard-copy to the digital version to make those submissions count for the rest.

73, Dan ve4drk

Radiosport Manitoba September meeting

A rather nice meeting was held at the home QTH of one of our members, Ed VE4YU.

Unfortunately, not all members could attend – of those in attendance were: Ed VE4YU, AdamVE4SN, Ed VE4EAR, Cary VE4EA, Dan VE4DRK.  Normal proceedings occurred and of note was that one of our members, Ed VE4EAR will be heading out on a DX’pedition mid October to 4W-land!

Ed VE4YU presented a number of videos/power-points on various DX’peditions that have occurred – was interesting to see and hear the adventures.

And, an interesting display was set up by Ed showcasing some of the radio memorabilia he has amassed over the years — very impressive!  Ed showed us his radio setup/shack and we attempted to assist him with some of the interfacing items.

We were filled with cheeses/etc and cake/ice cream, so all was good 🙂

Till next time – at Adam VE4SN’s QTH in Oct.

73, Dan ve4drk

CQ WPX Contest, RSMB Meet, Canada Day Contest, MARM fest, WPG Digital Rerpeater Group, etc

Well, I have some catching up to do on the posting front … it seems there have been some activities which I have not updated on in some time.  Summer months meant it wasn’t as busy on the posting front, but we’ll change that.

May 24-25 I participated in the CQ WPX contest — I think it was my first time submitting scores for that, but I neglected to note that.  Regardless, it was fun and I logged in quite a few contacts.  I did receive my results back — was behind VE4VT, VE4YU — good luck next time to me 🙂

June Radiosport Manitoba meeting (http://rsmb.keizer.ca) had us meeting at Cary’s VE4EA’s household in my ol’ stompin’ grounds in Garden City part of Winnipeg.  It was great to see Cary’s setup and tower.  Of significant interest was the presentation by VE6TL on solar analysis.  The presentation was great and I only wish we could have more of that – it was a great learning meeting.  Jim VE4SIG also attended as he is organizing the 2014 WARC Field Day and RSMB will be operating the contest stations.  A great turnout as usual, VE4YU, VE4EAR, VE4EA, VE4GV, VE4DXR, VE4XT, VE4DRK with guests VE6TL, K7MKL, W6NF/VE4SNA, VE4SIG, VE4TTH.

Almost forgot to mention the June field-day!  Wow – what an event.  There was great support from a number of fronts and it was great to operate in – my first time at that.  I was able to work quite the pile-up with Yuri’s home-brew 40m loop antenna 🙂  It also performed quite well on other bands as well, go figure.    The 40m vertical array was sorta up – some issues, but the 40m vertical was still solid.  Of also significant note would be the conditions we had to work through.  I wasn’t around in the wee hours, but I did hear that Jerry VE6TL did have his operating tent and rigs fall on him during a vicious wind/rain storm.  I think we will be looking for solid structures to operate from in succeeding years – -a trailer may be in order.  I will certainly look forward to spending more time at field day next year!

July 1st makes it Canada Day contest day!  and I was able to work the contest at least for a while.  Will see how the results tally up.

August 16 was the MARM fest.  It’s a great organization and was celebrating it’s 25th year of MARMfesting.  A great achievement.  Unfortunately this may be the last official MARMfest in Austin, but will see.  There’s still a great time had by all who attend and have some eye-balls with those we’ve met over the air, but never in person.  The semi-annual MRS meeting was also held there with a presentation on the current status of the repeaters and linking system and more memberships were brought in – a great time.

Some of us local folk have been interested in supporting a high-speed ham-only digital network on our 2.3GHz bands for all ham groups and hams to use.  It is operational.  The local Winnipeg Digital Repeater group had it’s meeting on September 3 and William VE4VR and I attended to discuss options and plans for integrating the high-speed network.  In the end, it’s a great opportunity, so I also joined that group to support their efforts.

Upcoming events include the Sep meeting of the RSMB at Ed VE4YU’s home and hopefully some more contests.

I’ve been able to aquire an older TA33 Mosley tri-band beam — it’s a good size, as well as a 48′ self-supporting dmx tower – which will hopefully find it’s way to my QTH in short order.  Work is underway to re-do the landscaping, so will see where the tower goes.  Will see if there is time to put it all up prior to the snow flying, but that’s another challenge.

Regardless, I have also received a couple of satellite dish and their mounts to use on mounting a pole to support my 2.3GHz HSMM node – now that I have the outside-rated cable, will see how well the path works between my QTH and the node in Osborne Village.

73, Dan ve4drk