VA4WAN – continued progress and enhancements

Last Sunday William VE4VR, Colin VE4CST, Les VA4LES and myself headed up to the location of our VA4WAN high-speed networking site.  Had to re-establish some good weighting on a unit outside and ensure it was strong enough to withstand the high winds like we had a week prior.  Good thing it was built like a tank – no damage!

Since we were up there, we had to re-organize things 😉 … so, all the RF units were re-organized on the tower – here’s Colin doing his thing:

Colin working hard ...
Colin working hard …

The rats nest of PoE injectors was just that — a mess, so we had to do something .. re-org a bit better.  I think we need to invest in a good multi-port PoE injector unit for this site — sure would help keep things neat.

A new router-board unit with a metal box to help keep unwanted stray RF out of it was also installed – will help no doubt.

Our new 5GHz link radio and antenna was installed to point to our soon-to-be-new multi-connection point.  That will offer us dual BGP routing to our network from two major net connections .. wowser!  fun times.

Took a lot longer than expected – over 6 hrs 🙁 but we’re in a better position now than before.  A wee bit more work on things and it will be even better.

Today, I spent a hour or two working on a local ham’s nano station to ensure it is connecting properly to our network – so it’s line of sight and works like a charm 🙂  Happy days.

73, Dan ve4drk