Canada Day Contest 2016

There were quite a few VE4’s operating in this contest this year – heard some, worked some who were running and some found me while I was running – so was nice to see.  While I worked most provinces and territories, Thursday was a good day for my record count – but that turned sour on Friday – at least for me the propagation was too poor to work too many stations.

One of the nicer features of my newer radio (TS590S) compared to my TS450SAT is the additional filters that it has.


It was great to be able to adjust the filters to bring in a few weaker stations that I would not be able to work on my older radio.  🙂  Well worth the effort on the upgrade.

I worked primarily my wire antenna – but occasionally worked with the vertical  – but the wire was most useful.

There was a great turnout for our local contest/dx group Radiosport Manitoba from all areas.  Mostly CDN and US ops were worked .. with a couple from further down south.  Bands were quiet on the high-end and 20 was the band of choice.

Be as it may, my scores are as such:canadaday2016scores

Hopefully, further years we get better conditions …. and better setup … time will tell …

73, Dan ve4drk