New (old) gear

How about that .. two posts in two weeks – dang – I must be on a roll.

It’s great to have contacts in the RF industry as it makes finding odds and sods easier.  Our VA4WAN group happen to connect with a local WISP who was shedding some of his older gear.  You know what they say, one mans trash …

Well, we certainly appreciated the donation to the group of his used gear – it will get used well!

A few of us, Derek VE4HAY, William VE4VR, Colin VE4CST, Wyatt VE4WDZ and myself Dan VE4DRK made the trek down south near the CBC broadcast tower to visit this local guy.

He was able to give us antennas, connectors, boxes, RF units galore, etc and it took 2 trucks to haul it all.  While there, we got a tour of his tower/operation and his other remote site which contains some 900MHz gear which we can utilize if need be.  Will be interesting as he has line of sight to downtown and provides us our repeater digital linking feed.

Down we go back to the highway and passing by the ve4man site, we see Yuri and Ellis working on the repeater – hard at work as always.  I recall Yuri mentioning that the power supply had died earlier in the week – they got it repaired and were back out re-installing it!  Ellis was also setting up the programming so that some macros can be used to control our port access to our digital linking test box.  Will be good to give it a go and try it out.  Thanks guys.

So,now it’s getting close to noon and Derek is hungry – (he must have missed breaky!) — so we stop in a local establishment on the outskirts of the city and order burgers and dogs and get re-hydrated from all that heat! (it was warm out).

Carrying on after a break, we head back into the city towards the VE4WSC site and park in front and unload the gear – up the stairs — and itemize and inventory every piece.  Took a while, but with 4 guys working on it (we lost Colin along the way) it didn’t take very long and we have a nice itemized list to work off of now too.  So before we put this gear into our storage area to work on, we itemize what is already in the storage area from other ventures etc.

It is great to see some of these pieces as it will help us complete some work we’ve been trying to get done for a while.

More work to do now to set things up -but it’s moving in the right direction.

73, Dan ve4drk