I had never been to a local BSidesWPG.CA conference before.

This is a two day (or today, 49 hr) conference where locals (and non-locals) participate in presentations regarding security, information systems etc.  It appears to be limited to approximately 200 seats and it appears to be selling out each year it is on.  There’s alot to do in co-ordination of this event, so every 2 years is what works the best.  Kudos to the guys putting this event on – it was nice to meet up with some “older” acquaintances made over the years.  It’s certainly great to see such involvement from the ‘younger’ generation (ie: my son is a sponsor of the event with his company and I was able to tag along.  He’s also giving a talk at the event, so will be cool.  (Man — if only this type of environment existed when I was attending my university days…  great work guys!)

So, onto the topic of the day — you all know our great networking dude and tower climber (Colin Stanners, VE4CST) and he is also known in the community as well, so he made a presentation describing our VA4WAN project!  What a great way to get the word out of what we are working on and get more people involved in our project.

Colin doing his thing – presenting VA4WAN!

Thanks, Colin, for your efforts in getting the word out!

Interesting too, one of the earlier speakers is also a ham!  We are everywhere it seems – you can find us involved in all sorts of community events and emergency situations providing needed communications.  Certainly get in contact with the fine folks of and get your licence!

On another front, we’re working on getting ‘high-speed’ (read:9600bps) packet also back on-line.  This has real value these days with mobile communications.  Werner VE4UA got his station back on-line, so, discussing with William VE4VR, we need to get the station on-line at a decent site 😉 .. I have the antenna and we now have cable thanks to our friend Les from  See for all your telephony and networking needs!  So, we now have some work to do even though the snow has made it’s presence known locally.

An interesting project was presented at hack-a-day.  I run SDR’s as well as HF TX and there was an interesting article about using SDR# to remotely connect to an sdr-server.  So, to test this out, and hopefully deploy to a better site, I hook this up to my sdr unit (great unit) and it’s being fed over my high-speed 2.3GHz ham radio VA4WAN connection – works great from a remote site.  Now to hook up my SDR for the aprs connections and my WSPR transmitter I’ll be able to deploy this to my garage!

Tomorrow, will  be taking in the rest of the bsidesWpg conference – maybe have more to say there too …

73, Dan ve4drk