Quick visit to a couple of sites …

While modifying some of the configuration scripts on the unit at 601O, it decided not to respond to a power restart, so a quick visit was in order. William VE4VR dropped by, we headed out, got the keys and headed up to the site. By the time we were in the room, Derek just made it there, so brought him up. A quick little reboot, and confirmation of settings and verifying it’s responding properly and away we go.

Next site is the St James site – where we need to work in some extra grounding. Derek had picked up some thick grounding cabling and we proceeded to measure it out and attach where we need to.

William showed up a bit later and we did some extra connections/crimping and testing out the VHF antenna by working a few remote repeaters on a handheld.

and while we were there, Derek was checking out the connectivity on our local node and AREDN connection:

So – a somewhat urgent item to reset a controller turns out to do a tad bit more while we had the time .. and too bad everything was closed so we couldn’t pick up dog food 😉

73, Dan ve4drk

It’s been a while …

Looking at the prior post, it’s been half a year or so since my last update. Has much happened in that time? Oh, for sure it has – but now comes the fun of trying to remember everything that has changed…

First off, congrats to my XYL on attaining her licence (basic+honours) and the callsign VE4DKC! It took a lot of studying to get that grade over 80%! I have a ‘few’ radios that would work 🙂 Also – great job again by the WARC group on putting on another Basic Short Course – more hams in the community!

Exam time!

There’s been quite the work in the past while. For one, we were able to obtain some further microwave units to increase our highspeed network capacity – new sites will have better gear and upgraded units for existing sites. Lots of work to work through all these units and figure out what’s what, but it’s great to have the support. If you’re interested in hooking up to the WAN, let us know – we have some gear to sell to get new stations on the air.

Lessee — Bruce VE4KQ’s 220MHz repeater was installed. While it has a great location, we do need to update the site and make it a tad higher to better clear a local obstacle – otherwise, had my first QSO on 220 with Bruce! We also installed the pole/antenna for another VHF repeater – a radio to test our linking.

Colin – one of our climbers – thinking ..
William and Colin (in the cold weather!) securing the pipes
Colin having fun adjusting the finished mount

Another nicety – William VE4VR was able to acquire some 220MHz radios from G-land across the pond. Very well built Tait radios! They go well with the lot of VHF Tait radios we brought in – and another load of UHF Tait radios that were brought in. These are very cool radios and will do well in various configurations.

My NW Digital Radio (DRAWS) Pi-hat was received not too long ago — albeit, it was ordered in Nov last year and arrived a week or so ago – the backlog was a tad long. Regardless it is an interesting unit for digital interfacing a couple of radios and provides a stratum 1 time source to boot! You can find their goods at: http://nwdigitalradio.com/ (Now to use those new Tait radios!)

Another nice local addition – our MRS group was able to re-install the VE4WRS repeater at it’s new site at south Osborne (145.45- 127.3Hz) With the visibility of that site, it should work well. This is our test site for our digital linking functions, as well as protocol translation testing. I’ve talked about this site before, but it has a great view! (“This is a great site”)

lookin’ south-ish

On the gear-front, I’ve been able to pick up the odd RF unit here or there, the odd-Raspberry Pi unit to augment my toolset – so have more to play with when I have the time. Time seems to be more elusive for ham projects these days – but with all the fun the rest of the guys are having with the hobby, it’s hard to stay still.

another Pi … (they seem to be breeding!)

With spring comes the post-winter clean-up and see why another run of coax not performing well – sigh – I’ve been slowly relocating the rabbit and squirrel population from the back yard to the forest down the road and across the river – hopefully they’re not like homing pigeons.

Some interesting times ahead – WARC is having their 100 anniversary – wow! Dayton 2019 is approaching – nice. Need to find some more time to work on my own projects.

WARC did host another Winter Field Day – at Bill VE4BEF’s QTH – a nice sized property for putting up some antennas. Thanks for hosting another WFD – made some contacts on the HF side as well. 🙂

I did operate a contest or two over the last few months – one of the nice things of working these contests is my XYL makes me a lunch so I can keep operating by the radios!

What a lunch during the contest!

Ron, VE4PL was able to secure a 10m radio and a beacon controller he built – and I have the unit ready to relocate to my son’s property up in EO10-land – when the rest of the ground thaws. You can find it on 28.210 CW.

Enough for now – lots more fun coming in the rest of the year … get out and have some ham-fun.

73, Dan ve4drk