Dayton 2019

OK, so it’s my 3rd Dayton trip – the first was with the XYL (who at the time was not a ham), but since then has become a ham!! VE4DKC is her new callsign 🙂 My second Dayton trip was with my son, who is a ham – VE4RLK – and we did the trip with Derek VE4HAY and Walter VE4VB. Was a good trip too. I missed last year to attend a regular friend function and so this year, I’m heading to Dayton again — this time with Derek VE4HAY, Walter VE4VB and William VE4VR – this is his first Dayton trip and he just got 25 years in as a ham. (Funny too – my first Dayton trip was at my 25th year as a ham).

It was an early morning – Derek picking me up first as he lives just down the road from me .. pick up time was 5am, so early morning. After that, down the road we go to pick up William and off to Walter. Out of the city before 6am and on the road. Get some java and a muchie and we are off. Get to the border and viola – no traffic nor backup .. border agent said ‘ham it up’ on the way out to Dayton .. haha, so, cool there.

The guys – front L-R (Dan ve4drk, Derek ve4hay). back L-R William ve4vr, Walter ve4vb

After a run down south of Minneapolis and past Owatonna – I took the pic – as I had taken the pic of the Owatonna turn-off as my XYL did some training back in the day at the head office there.

First stop in Pembina for gas and stretch – cheaper on the other side. Keep on trucking. Head to Fargo and get a few goods at the store and a some food for the road again. Make it as far as Albert Lea and get gas have a bite to eat. Roads are great down here and the traffic is not too heavy. Walter doing his bit to make the driving easier 🙂

Making a few extra bucks 😉

Derek has APRS installed in his truck and we beacon at a massive 1 watt all the way — we don’t hear a single peep on 652 until, we hear someone calling us. Seems Bill WA9BNZ saw our beacon and called us on 652 – so we had a quick chat with him – as we were quickly getting out of radius for point to point – good to hear someone on the simplex side of things

Derek does all the driving until about 6pm where we switch and I drive for a few hours. Great truck to drive – having the height and “Karen” (his gps) telling us where to go. We get all the way to Peoria and check into our motel – head across the street to the restaurant to have a bite to eat and we’re back in the hotel for getting some shuteye – where I start to write this up as we go. Should be fun!

73, Dan ve4drk