Radiosport Manitoba September meeting

A rather nice meeting was held at the home QTH of one of our members, Ed VE4YU.

Unfortunately, not all members could attend – of those in attendance were: Ed VE4YU, AdamVE4SN, Ed VE4EAR, Cary VE4EA, Dan VE4DRK.  Normal proceedings occurred and of note was that one of our members, Ed VE4EAR will be heading out on a DX’pedition mid October to 4W-land!

Ed VE4YU presented a number of videos/power-points on various DX’peditions that have occurred – was interesting to see and hear the adventures.

And, an interesting display was set up by Ed showcasing some of the radio memorabilia he has amassed over the years — very impressive!  Ed showed us his radio setup/shack and we attempted to assist him with some of the interfacing items.

We were filled with cheeses/etc and cake/ice cream, so all was good 🙂

Till next time – at Adam VE4SN’s QTH in Oct.

73, Dan ve4drk

One thought on “Radiosport Manitoba September meeting”

  1. Thank you so much for the SS CW plaque I just received! I was humbled to see it was sponsored by Radiosport Manitoba in memory of VE4VV. I have Derrick in many, many SS logs over the years and I am honored to receive this plaque with his call memorialized on it. Many memories of good times from the past and the feelings of elation from working that last mult. Blessings to you all for memorializing your dear friend this way.
    Thank you again,

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