Worked All Europe – SSB (WAE) 2014

Well– it all started out as checking into the local 80m traffic net.  It has been rather interesting the last few days — my noise-level on my rig is almost nil!  I’m wondering, what the’ is going on — but, with a couple of items working against RF, such as the recent CME and my ‘movement’ of my antenna to accommodate some improvements to my landscape. it’s hard to pin-point it down (at least for now).

So, I hear the odd european station calling on the contest and I give the odd call out here and there.  I’m not really working the contest per se, but am helping out some other hams get their contacts up with a local VE4 contact.   Remember, since I’m not really working the contest I’m not using my usual N1MM contest software, but am logging it via paper-log (yes, paper log).  I pick it back up the next day and end up spending more time than expected on the contest.  It was quite strange in some ways — I was hearing more European stations than local North American stations – again, I’m thinking my antenna movement is to blame.  The background noise level is almost nil – and some stations just boom into my rig, where others are so quiet, but I can work them non-the-less.   In the end, I put in a few hours to see what’s going on and to make further contacts

So now to the hard work, transposing those entries from the hard-copy to the digital version to make those submissions count for the rest.

73, Dan ve4drk