New roof-top venture …

In support of the HSMM 2.3GHz digital project in the city, there were a number of us who got together to revamp the position and setup of the tower and antenna layouts on top of the building.   The building is about 40 stories high in downtown’ish Winnipeg and has a impressive view!

Looking North (eastward/westward)
Looking North (eastward/westward)

The day was a Saturday – it was cold — there was wind — we spent all day up there – about 9am-6pm.  Still towers were taken down and re-assembled – Harm VE4HAZ:

Assembly - Harm VE4HAZ



One guy working – 3 guys watching 😉  I jest – all had a good day of work.  Derek VE4HAY (at least his feet), Harm VE4HAZ, Ryan VA4MAC and I honestly forget the callsign of the guy in the middle with the touque – sorry about that!

Work work work ...



We even had time for a bite to eat – which was great considering how long we were up there.  Colin was able to not only get us some food stuffs, but also used the spare left-over cash to buy a needed UPS and battery for the controlling networking gear in the room!

Colin VE4CST, William VE4VR

Lunch time - note the new UPS + battery!
Lunch time – note the new UPS + battery!

The wind was biting hard, especially when you were higher up – and had no gloves on, right Derek?

Derek VE4HAY
Derek VE4HAY

In the end, we have the units up and operational with one trunk link installed on one end – rest to be installed on other side of the link a couple of miles away.  Networking is being configured and routing is setup – we just need that last link up to push it the rest of the way!  Soon — soon …

73, Dan ve4drk