Radiosport Meeting – Jan 2015

Well .. it’s a new year for our fledgling group and it’s our second year providing information, meetings assistance and contesting to all things DX.  Our latest meeting is held at our leader’s QTH in south St. Vital.  It was annual membership dues time and we all continue to support our local group.  A total of 9 in attendance – a full crowed – new member Harm VE4HAZ who also is taking over responsibility for the Manitoba QSL Bureau after being run by Adam VE4SN for quite some time.

Quite a bit of discussion on supporting and encouraging the local HF community – the local ham community has had quite a few classes over the last couple of years and there’s quite a number of new hams who have HF privileges.  Encouraging to see.  Everyone commented on the latest RAC Winter contest just after Christmas that there was quite a bit of VE4 participation – comments such as “Where did all you VE4’s come from?” was a common comment on the air.

We also will be setting up some additional spotting assistance technologies to support the group – to aid in the usual VHF and Skype connections.

Of also interest to note is that our local fellows – VE4EA, VE4EAR and VE4YU are in the top ten in Canada for the W1AW contest over the past year in 2014.

After the general meeting, we were treated to muchies and a slide presentation of Ed’s trip to 4W.

Thanks Ed and his XYL Jennifer for the hosting and munchies, not to mention the great coffee from the trip.

A tour of Ed VE4EAR/VE4VT contest station setup – quite impressive.  I will also find a pic of his antenna/tower – quite nice too.

Showcasing some RTTY setup
Showcasing some RTTY setup
4W anyone?
4W anyone?

73, Dan ve4drk


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