Radiosport Manitoba March meeting

A rather nice meet-up occurred on a Thursday – March 12 – at a new venue for our group.  For this monthly meeting, we held it at a local restaurant and we invited our XYL’s!

We had all but one able to show up (work gets in the way sometimes) — and we all had a good time talking about DX and contesting – yes – even the XYL’s understand the lingo.  That’s a good thing considering they are always aware of the wires and gadgets the clutter the house up! 🙂

Quality of my phone camera is less than desirable – but you get the idea:

A fine group of ladies with the DX contest group
A fine group of ladies with the DX contest group

73, Dan ve4drk

2 thoughts on “Radiosport Manitoba March meeting”

  1. Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs,

    In 2015 the Russian Digital Radio Club invites you:

    3-4 October – BPSK63, RTTY
    • RUS-WW-DIGI •

    31 October – 1 November – BPSK63, CW, RTTY, SSB
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    A separate category for the Russia and foreign participants. We have made many prizes and certificates for all participants.
    We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our contests!

    73! de RDRC

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