Glenn, W0GJ presentation to Radiosport Manitoba

Tuesday June 9th – our little radio group had a special visitor come all the way up from the states to give us a presentation on his involvement in the K1N Navassa DX-pedition.

We were also joined by friends from Alberta and the northern states by other interested DXers.  A hearty buffet was available – and most strapped on the feed-bag prior to the presentation.

Glenn gave us a very interesting presentation on the scope and size of the effort needed to co-ordinate/plan/execute such an endeavor.   I took in the presentation — and the subsequent following presentation.

Excellent presentations and content and our group was well represented.

A small fundraiser was provided by a couple of donations – and a key donation from Glen on a ‘rock’ of petrified bird droppings with K1N etched in it fetched a hearty amount to help the group.

Thanks to those who organized and supported the meeting – was great to hear.



Thanks for all the co-ordination guys — I was glad to attend.

73, Dan ve4drk