Field Day 2015

The annual gathering of remote setup and operation on emergency power occurred again.  I was assisting with the setup of the computers/networking.


Colin VE4CST graciously provided 3 systems to use as logging computers during the event. I scrounged up monitors, keyboards, mice and cords etc and we had enough to successfully use.

Rob VE4GV and Cary VE4EA came over to my QTH with Rob’s radio and I picked up Derek VE4HAY’s radio.  This gave us some time to ensure the radios were talking properly to the computers.  It was great to work with the guys and with some remote support from Gerry W1VE, we were able to link up what we had.  After a long(ish) session, we called it a night and were ready for the following Saturday.

Early morning on Saturday I packed up all the gear:



After setting up all the computer systems, William VE4VR provided the networking setup and it all worked just great.  We even had a connection via our HSMM 2.3GHz radio link to the internet for general use.

Also had to put up the signage on the front-lawn of CMU:





Derek VE4HAY and Colin VE4CST examining their handiwork
Derek VE4HAY and Colin VE4CST examining their handiwork
New field day HF beam
New field day HF beam

That’s about the extent of my helping with the event  – spent most of the time at the event and only ran some HF a small amount … hopefully we did well.

73, Dan ve4drk