VA4WAN planning …

So, it’s been summer and everyone has lots on their mind (beyond working on radios all the time) — so it’s been a while since we’ve worked on some of the core features of the system, so it was time to have a meeting of the minds to go over what we have to do and how to get it done and etc etc …

Having a long list to go through, it only took 2.5 hrs to review, discuss, hash-out etc to ensure we have a priority list of items to get taken care of.  Naturally, there was the meeting after the meeting to discuss other stuff … I stayed behind and Derek treated to scotch while we chatted, along with William.  Colin had to run right around 9 — but it was great to get the guys into a room to figure out what where we need to go and do to keep momentum moving on the projects.

Sites, bands, routing, access, servers, collaboration server and the like were all discussed.  So, a good meeting was had to ensure we keep this moving.

73, Dan, ve4drk

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