2015 NA SSB Sprint

Remember my prior post on this? 2015 NA SSB Sprint ?? Well, today in the email, I received a note from the contest organizer that I had won 1st place for low power in my section. Well, I thought, that’s great … then I remembered the contest and how difficult it was.

There was only three entries for VE4-land, one was high power and two were low power — both the other Dan and I had low scores as we both run modest station setups.

So, I was kinda surprised to hear I had placed.  Although I was not too impressed with my score vs my submitted score .. I lost 6 contacts from errors somehow .. oh well … seems the conditions were not that good after all 🙂 🙁  Also not sure what happened with the team submission – I do log as RadMan 🙂

Scores for this little one
Scores for this little one

Will see how it goes — I’d like to continue with it — but I need better setup.

73, Dan ve4drk