2.3GHz – and on the air

It was a nice day and lucky for me Colin VE4CST had some spare time to come to my QTH and install (properly) my 2.3GHz radio on the roof.  (I say properly, as my installation mount was not up to spec).  After installation, it was determined the model should be upgraded to provide better signal quality.  Being about 8 km away or so from the main site, a good antenna at the frequency is great.  So, after all was said and done, installing mount, radio and running cable, splicing etc I have a nice 10Mbps RF connection over ham radio frequencies 🙂  Gotta love that!  Our spectrum utilization is quite narrow at this point in time – we didn’t want to over-use the allocations just for us, just in case.

We needed to get to visit Walter VE4VB’s setup and verify some items.  It had been intermittent it seems.  So, we head on out towards his QTH – but on the way we need to have a bite to eat, so we stop in at a local east-indian restaurant — nice break.

Getting to Walter, we find him eager to see what we were going to do.  Colin remembered the angle of the unit mounted to the tower would need to be adjusted, so a hunt was on for spare parts in Walter’s garage — we eventually find some useful tubing on the side and proceed to cut it down to size.  Colin heads on up the tower and replaces the existing radio with a new(er) one and re-aims the unit.


Colin scaling Walter's tower - replacing RF unit
Colin scaling Walter’s tower – replacing RF unit

Next, we had to re-wire the rj45 conneector to spec and re-work his router to ensure it’s all setup.  After a bit of time, we figured things out and got them arranged just so.  So, now, it’s a stable connection with full time connection for his ham functions.

On the way out, we were treated to some of his “buckets” of tomatoes he seemed to have grown — thanks Walter – and thanks Colin, for all your hard work!

73, Dan ve4drk