New install and also on-the-air!

I’ve know Cary VE4EA for a couple of years now – mostly regarding contesting.  He is getting much more into remote-station operating and VoIP in a big way now it seems, and had some issues/questions to work out, so we were chatting a bit one day.  I mentioned that he should join our little group and get involved with our 2.3GHz highspeed data project  so, he bit and joined up.

Discussing with the rest of the guys, Colin chimes up that he can do the install that day – just needs a spare RF unit.  Wow …. well, I had a couple in my basement  but was heading out for the monthly MRS exec meeting that night.  So, I left them on my door-step.  After coming back from the meeting, I check the MicroTik routers to see if Cary had made it on yet – not yet, so I email Colin asking how are things with Cary .. just as I get it sent, I see Cary’s callsign pop upon the MicroTik!  he’s on the air.  Mind you, it’s after 10pm at night now .. and from what I understand, Colin was working in a light-restricted time of day – but was able to get him operational.  Now, the aiming needs to be adjusted and possibly a better antenna to ensure the signal strength will be adequate — more to come.

ve4ea 2.3GHz antenna
ve4ea 2.3GHz antenna

So, once all done, Cary can do his remote ham operating and Ham VoIP over the group’s 2.3GHz data link.   Nice.  Another addition to our active user list.

73, Dan ve4drk