New router OS – literally

In further support of the 2.3 GHz project, I decided it was time to learn the ins and outs of our current router we use to link our units all together — that would be the MicroTik line of routers.

So, William had a few spare units the group wasn’t using yet, so I popped by and he gave me a “black box” — inside was a sturdy black metal box with lots of holes in it 🙂   Further interesting was the stuff that was inside those holes … nine (yes, 9) ethernet ports in this little box!

Now that's a router!
Now that’s a router!

While I do have a nice 24 port Extreme Networks switch in the rack downstairs, this little guy will be useful in linking up my 2.3GHz RF unit into the rest of the network.  Along the way, I’ll familiarize myself with the inner workings, routing, firewalling/etc with this puppy .. lots to learn I’m sure .. but having already used the web-based admin section on another MicroTik router, I get the gist of it .. just gotta learn the itty bitty details.

73, Dan ve4drk