High speed cow – take 2

High-speed cow - take 2
High-speed cow – take 2

If at first you don’t succeed … this was the outcome of that first try — more time.

Was expecting a few hours to complete the setup, but it turns out it took all day to do what we had to do 🙂 🙁

On Sunday, Colin VE4CST and Dan VE4DRK met Jim VE4CY on the way to the Woodlands site where we started to verify the setup and ensure it’s working.

Working on the mounting for the UPS and ancillary plugs as well as getting the new batteries installed in the UPS, all was looking good.

UPS setup
UPS setup

Well — we ran into a few issues along the way — took a lot longer than expected- we had to build our own mount which was interesting.  Thank god for “step bits”!

Step bits!
Step bits!

They went through that iron like butter!  We also eventually found the spare drill battery 🙂

mount to be
mount to be
mount 'be'
mount ‘be’

A rather nice job fabricating this mount – and Colin even had rust protection spray paint, so Jim gave it that ‘pro’ look –  great job all around.

antenna 'not to be'
antenna ‘not to be’

Let’s face it, it’s now October — in Manitoba — it’s getting chilly, especially up top the 100′ silo where Colin spent a lot of time mounting etc., but we ran into some stiff wind and moving this large ‘pizza-box’ size flat antenna up with shorter-than-expected rope up the side was just not going to do it – so we just ensured the Microtik router was up and running and plugged into the antennas and away we go — except — we had to fill up a couple of tires with air  as it seems we ran into (over) some nails and one tire was completely flat and the other down to 20lbs.  Lucky enough we’re on a farm and the 5ton service vehicle was close by to fill us up before we headed up and make it back to the city.  (Thanks guys!)

But, the fun continues, as on the way out we try to connect to the 2.3GHz omni – it is so weak it is hardly reachable!  Something is not right — we scanter about looking for signals etc but can’t find any and back-up back to the farm yard and connect back to the unit from the south facing directional antenna and Colin does his magic and re-connects the wireless card with the right antenna port 🙂

Ola’ there we go and we can hear it pretty good down the road — Jim was ahead of us a bit and was already climbing his tower by the time we rolled by …

Jim VE4CY tower climbing (nice SteppIR by the way!)
Jim VE4CY tower climbing (nice SteppIR by the way!)

…so we tried a regular nanostation to see how it would perform – Ola! again we have a weak signal!  Not bad for a 7 mile or so run.  We give Jim the coax, grid antenna and Colin instructs on how to create the mount/etc and Jim will have a nice setup for his shack.  Luckily, Jim has iron working equipment and can fabricate his own goods to mount the antenna on.

antenna to mount
antenna to mount

An expected 4 hour job turned into an 8 hour plus job as events unfolded …  thank goodness my XYL sent sandwiches and munchies/water 🙂

we’ll be there soon …

73, Dan ve4drk

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