CQ WW 2014 SSB contest results are in …

Almost forgot … I’ve been involved with the digital side for a good chunk of the summer, I haven’t been working the DX nor contesting that much these days.

But, along comes an email from Cary VE4EA which indicates we placed (good thing) in the CQ WW 2014 SSB contest late last year.  We tried and (almost) broke the record!  dang .. we did pretty good though, as a multi-single setup with Cary’s K3 station and his antenna system we (Cary VE4EA, Kelly VE4XT and Dan VE4DRK) worked the station for the duration of the contest.  We did have some downtime and could have beat the record – but I am a bit of a n00b at it still, so our error rate was so-so …

Even so, we did receive a rather nice certificate …

CQ WW 2014 SSB multi-single VE4EA, VE4XT, VE4DRK
CQ WW 2014 SSB multi-single VE4EA, VE4XT, VE4DRK

Another year — will have to plan another one – as it was fun working with these guys …

Take a look at their happy faces last year —  CQ WW 2014 SSB contest

73, Dan ve4drk

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