DMR – take 2

I’m getting more interested in learning this newer digital mode, so what best way than to dive in and get (another) DMR radio. 🙂  This one was being offered at a discount (from it’s already inexpensive pricing) from the folks at CS.  Now I realize it has mixed reviews, but it’s a great tool to try out different modes/operations.  Now I have two working units .. and another unit looking for a charger to figure it out more.

The unit I got was a Tytera MD380 UHF DMR radio …

MD380 basic entry level DMR radio
MD380 basic entry level DMR radio

It has all the basic offerings and some extra little quirks.  Funny thing about this unit is that it uses the same programming software as the CS700 model.  I still had to plug in (ie: lots of typing!) all the frequencies/groups/etc and make sure it works.  It came with two antennas . .a stubby and a non-stubby I’ll say – as it’s not the best antenna that’s for sure.  I have a dual-band antenna on the car which I’ll have to use this on for a bit a see how well it performs with 5 watts.

There’s some recent changes to the local DMR systems, so will try and navigate what is happening in that area to see how much coverage there is.  Interesting though, there are more guys getting involved in trying out DMR, so that’s good for the systems usage etc … lots to learn.  I really want to get more into the controller-side of things and understand the underpinnings, so, even more to read.

Timing is interesting on another front – the most current TCA from RAC just arrived yesterday and in it is an article by our local directory Derek, VE4HAY, describing the various digital modes that are out there, so I’m sure that will also generate more local activity.

I still have to meet up with more of the local DMR group and understand more of what’s going on… more to come there too.

73, Dan ve4drk