Taking down of Ed VE4YU (sk) tower …

A number of hams gathered at the home of Irene, widow of the late Ed Henderson VE4YU (sk) Saturday to take down his tri-bander and other antenna items and his 40′ tower.

Dick VE4HK doing his thing ..
Dick VE4HK doing his thing ..

While it took longer than expected, we were treated with sandwiches, pickles and cupcakes from Irene and her daughter – very tasty at that!

Thanks to Dick VE4HK for all his climbing skills, the event went without a hitch.  Helping with this endeaver were Radiosport Manitoba members Cary VE4EA, Kelly VE4XT, myself VE4DRK, as well as Glen VE4GWN with Rosie VE4YYL and newly minted ham John VE4VJR.

Some pics during the day below- the day started off cool, then warmed up nicely when the sun was out in full.  Link from my google photos:

Photos of tower takedown

73, Dan ve4drk