10m contest …. weeeeeee…

This past weekend I was able to spend a few hours participating in the ARRL 10m contest http://www.arrl.org/10-meter and had some fun doing it.  It was certainly a lot easier making quick contacts on this new(er) rig of mine.  With my ol’ trusty FT101E I had to manually tune the rig and the manual antenna tuner — can take some time in some cases — but with this new digital radio of mine, I just go.

The band was fairly open — made contacts across the pond and alot of north-south DX’ing going on.  All-in-all, I hit 10 US states, 7 CDN provinces, 5 MX states and 13 other DX countries (I was hunting for more of the DX 🙂 … so, from my counting, I think I have about 4690 points.  Not bad, considering my standing last year — I made one contact 🙂  I was even able to massage the contacts and send in my log to the robot the same day!  A first for me too.

So — looks like it will be fun with the RAC winter contest coming up … will have to get a better dipole up for this one.

73, Dan ve4drk