VA4WAN – new ham online

Jan VE4JS is just down the street – he always hears me when I check into the MEPN (Manitoba Evening Phone Net) on 3.747 KHz 7pm local time — more like 2km away, but still relatively close.

He had expressed an interest in our high speed ham net, so with the help of Colin, he secured some cabling and a grid antenna and I gave him one of my high power bullets and injectors.  He was able to fabricate a mount for his antenna and pointed at our new site (60c).  Now, that being relatively close, one would think it would be a decent connection –

looking towards 60c
looking towards 60c

but .. very poor results – only 1 bar on the radio part, so, over emails, I suggest he point it to our main site (55N) which is about 7km away give or take

looking at 55N .. tall building way out ...
looking at 55N .. tall building way out …

— lo and behold – full scale reading on the radio. So, we pick a time where I can come down and help verify his setup.  He’s on-line now — albeit only with about 3Mbps max … hovering around 1.5Mbps on average.  Will have to have one of the guys verify my handi-work on configuration and make sure it’s up to snuff — not sure if he has tree branches too close or not — but his tower is 50′ or so and is just over the tree line in his established area of town (near the river).


So, another member added on — looking to get more hams online.

73, Dan ve4drk

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