Fargo Hamfest – a first for me

I had a new radio piece shipped to our border pickup center just across the border in the US (much cheaper) and since I wanted to pick it up, timed it to coincide with attending the Fargo Hamfest this past weekend.

So, the XYL and I drive out just after lunch on Friday, pick up the parcel, head on down to the area of West Fargo.  Check into our hotel and head out to get ahead on our required shopping.  After a long day, we’re tired and call it a night.  Next morning I’m up bright and early and head on to the fairgrounds and meet up with what must be almost a dozen of us from the Winnipeg area – quite the crew turned out.

Was interesting – picked up quite a few odd pieces here and there, so was relatively pleased with the type of gear/accessories that was available.

What was even more interesting was that Walter VE4VB picked up 4 more radios!  They are in different states of repair so with his expertise they will be top-notch in no time flat.

A few pics from the centre:

pan3 - walter and dave
pan3 – walter and dave

Now, time to setup and “play” with my SDRplay!

73, Dan ve4drk


1 thought on “Fargo Hamfest – a first for me”

  1. Hi Dan,

    I tried your RAC email address but it bounced.

    Just wanted to tell you that your wspr signal is being received in Vancouver on my mighty balcony random wire, hi.

    However, your wspr report says you are running 1000 watts. I suspect that might be an error.

    Regards and Merry Christmas,

    Roy VE7BPB

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