Visit to VE4VJ/VE4WPG

(Note I put VE4VJ first — I like that repeater more than WPG 🙂

Anyways — Had the chance to visit the top of the Richardson Building in downtown Winnipeg to assist in putting up a high-speed digital link to another intermediary — unfortunately, where the tower was located (on the far-side of where we were going to) and the angle was too steep (only on the other side of the block) – the link would be untenable. 🙂

So – looking for another means to put that into operation — there is always more than one way to skin a cat … more to come I’m sure …

Oh yeah – some pics from up high — great location though.

73, Dan ve4drkIMG_20131227_084916 IMG_20131227_084907 IMG_20131227_084928