New heights/sights …

While out for a visit to Riding Mountain National Park, the XYL and I had some time that I wanted to go and visit “Baldy Mountain” – being the highest point in the province, I do not recall heading up there to the actual site.  Being “not too far” from RMNP, (read: an hour or two) we headed out with a friend who camps in the area a fair amount of the time.  Heading north, not much of occurrence as we head through dauphin and head west.  Some of the signs show up and we know we’re not lost.

Heading north from Grandview on HWY 366 not too bad of a drive – then we find out, well, it’s rural, so it’s now turned into a gravel road – surprise.  Lots of loose gravel on the road, I’m not going more than 70 km/h else I start to ‘swish’ around the gravel – not a fun feeling.

After a while and a few “are we there yet” ..we finally see a turn off for the site.  There is a look-out tower and an old cabin-type building where work occurred years-before.

old work cabin
look-out tower
great view!
commercial broadcasters

After a look around, there’s a few maintenance buildings for the broadcasters etc, even a satellite up-link of sorts is there.

I knew there was a ham repeater up her (Baldy Mountain Repeater no-less), I wasn’t sure where it was, as I did not see it around – but it may have been intermixed in the ‘other’ VHF operational antennas that were around.

On our way back you get the feeling of how high we were:

heading back …

with some of the information at the site:

Height comparisons …

So, I know a ham based up north is involved with the groups managing those systems, so I shot an email to ve4mrt.  He did send back some information which was fairly cool – the image of the Baldy Mountain Repeater sure is large:  (I have to add that it sure would be great to have the two largest repeater systems in the province linked up again – hint hint)

Nice pic of the coverage of the DARC repeater systems etc … the big one is the Baldy Mountain Repeater 🙂

anyways – was a fun visit to see where things were etc and a chance to see the area as I don’t get out to that neck of the woods too much.  Back to the park we go.

73, Dan ve4drk