RAC Winter Contest 2013

I enjoy the RAC contests — and like to make as many CDN contacts as possible.  (I need more wire in the air!).  But I did operate almost 12 hours in the contest — and in those hours I was able to use some new tools.  I actually deemed it good to use software to log entries instead of manually copying them on paper 🙂  Add that with a new(er) radio (ie: a synthesized radio with an auto-tuner as opposed to my ol’ trust Yaesu FT101E manual radio with manual tuner) — I was able to log alot of contacts.  (Well, at least for me it was alot).

This is what I will be claiming — 🙂

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
         1.8       1      10    1
         3.5      14     144    5
           7      24     248    7
          14      59     528    9
          21      42     364    7
          28       3      30    2
       Total     143    1324   31
            Score : 41,044
It is noteworthy that the sole 160m contact was with a local ham who I could probably see his tower if I stand on my roof!
Learned alot with this contest — so — as with everything else, I need better antennas…
73, Dan ve4drk