Quick visit to a couple of sites …

While modifying some of the configuration scripts on the unit at 601O, it decided not to respond to a power restart, so a quick visit was in order. William VE4VR dropped by, we headed out, got the keys and headed up to the site. By the time we were in the room, Derek just made it there, so brought him up. A quick little reboot, and confirmation of settings and verifying it’s responding properly and away we go.

Next site is the St James site – where we need to work in some extra grounding. Derek had picked up some thick grounding cabling and we proceeded to measure it out and attach where we need to.

William showed up a bit later and we did some extra connections/crimping and testing out the VHF antenna by working a few remote repeaters on a handheld.

and while we were there, Derek was checking out the connectivity on our local node and AREDN connection:

So – a somewhat urgent item to reset a controller turns out to do a tad bit more while we had the time .. and too bad everything was closed so we couldn’t pick up dog food 😉

73, Dan ve4drk