2014 ARRL DX Contest (Phone)

This contest runs for a full 2 day period (6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday – at least CDT anyways).  This year, I was able to spend a few hours working the bands – and I’m glad I did!  Wow.  10m was hopping and 15 was great as well.  20m was down until later on in the evening.

Too bad I was working the contest with only a vertical — but, hey, you use what you have.  Seems to me I need a beam – at least for 10/15/20 — I don’t think I can afford a 40m beam, especially the space and weight!

Our local group now has it’s name listed as one of the contest groups 🙂  Radiosport Manitoba (RadMan).

Our group listings are as such:

RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores
RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores


My breakdown was as such:



While it was difficult to get through a pile-up, persistence did pay off most of the time — finding the right time to slip in.  Most of the time, once another station hears the ‘ve4…’ they get excited and work it in right away.  Seems again, this section is a bit of a rarity in the HF contesting world.

We had our inaugural meet-up a bit more than a month ago.  While most made it, there were a few absent.  Next meet up will be at my home QTH next week, so will be good to discuss all things HF/DX/Contesting/Station/etc … Looking forward to it …

73, Dan ve4drk