Radiosport Manitoba – Contest Group

Very good turn-out tonight for our second meeting.  While we continue with the process of structurally forming the group, we were able to discuss things HF and DX.  It was great to see everyone turn out and get to know what we’ve been up to.  Thanks to my XYL, Michele, for all her food and drink selections and spread, all was great.  In attendance:  VE4YU Ed, VE4SN Adam, VE4EA Cary, VE4GV Rob, VE4EAR(VT) Ed, VE4XT Kelly, VE4DRK Dan.

So, the group now has a founding executive to help things go forward.

President – Ed, ve4ear (ve4vt)

Vice President: Cary, ve4ea

Treasurer: Ed, ve4yu

Secretary: Dan ve4drk

We talked about a number of items and lots more to come, so we have work to do to ensure we support the interests and needs of the group and DX in general — so will be a great to see this group moving forward.

More to come!

73, Dan ve4drk