Russian DX Contest

Well, I had some time to work the Russian DX contest on this past weekend.  In some ways it was nice to have a one full day contest (even though I could not spare all the time — having only put in about 4.5 hours). Regardless, working DX with a vertical has it’s challenges — lack of directivity and being a tad on the weak side, especially since I run barefoot @ 100 watts.

I did hear a couple of the other local DX guys SaP, but not very much NA activity from what I heard.  Could be that all the beams were pointing elsewhere 🙂

So, here’s my results — I do like the fact that I am getting plenty of countries.


Time to get that computer interface working, and a foot pedal.

I received an email from NCJ about the sprint that night, but unfortunately was not able to make that on such short notice – planning in advance may help 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk