CQ WW WPX Contest (SSB)

Well, my code is rusty and I don’t do digital on HF (yet), so SSB it is…

This was a 48hr contest with a single operator only allowing 36hrs to operate.  While I did participate in this contest more than I had in any other contest, I was still within 12hrs of the max.

My interest was to have the opportunity to work plenty of DX and see how well it goes.  Remember, I still have my ol’ trusty ground-mounted vertical to work off of, so it was tough at times, but oh well, spring is coming soon too — and the snow is melting (although we’re getting another 10cm tomorrow 🙂

I heard a number of VE4’s participating in the contest and I was able to work a couple of locals, as well as the boys at vc6r in ve6-land – their 40m signal was strong.

With the time I had, I certainly logged more scores – and it was interesting to see, as the contest went forward, that my multipliers really made a difference for each contact I made – made me want to get that next contact in the log.  Was a couple of long nights and I didn’t work the end of the contest as I’m not setup to run, but I was able to get the following out of it:

CQ WW WPX score


I like the fact that I got 220 unique prefixes out of 330 contacts – that will aid my DXCC in the logs (I hope).  I pushed the logs to LoTW to beat the rush .. and I already have a couple more entities showing up, so I’m now at 43.  A ways to go, and I’m sure it will get tougher …

’till the next time …

73, Dan ve4drk