NAQP & new capacitance hat!

Well — I did try out the NAQP SSB this weekend — the bands were terrible … looking at the solarham site, it did show RED … solar winds were well over 400 and the conditions did show that … the only band that was partly open was 20m .. 15 and above really didn’t exist .. 40 was ok later in the evening .. i put in about 5 hours .. and i only made about 50+ contacts .. I will submit my logs to assist those that need them.

I even had a couple of thanks for the “rare ve4” section being in the contest!

Funny though — the only ve4 I heard was Ed VE4YU – he was S&P so I couldn’t work him.  I made a ve7 and a ve3 contact and that’s about it for the CDN side of things – the rest were US based contacts.

But — my antenna may be better now that it has a better looking capacitance hat on it ! 🙂   My XYL calls them lemon-drops!

73, Dan ve4drk


Local Antenna policy

Industry Canada administers the spectrum in Canada as well as it’s licensing and restrictions on various apparatus.

Recently, a group of municipalities had their get-together and one topic was the consultation process that Industry Canada wants the municipalities to provide clear guidance on what is locally acceptable.  Naturally, IC will have final say, but this guidance holds weight and will be just that – a guide —

For us hams, there is only one small paragraph which is applicable … and it is:


So, keep it in the back, don’t intrude on your neighbour, don’t make it go ‘blink’, and keep it under 70′.  Well, that is not too bad .. 70′ is reasonable within the city limits and does a decent job for most hams.

Actual reference:

City of Winnipeg Antenna Systems Policy

Industry Canada Amateur Radio Publications

73, Dan ve4drk

Antenna changes

I’ve been puttin’ this off for a bit .. getting my 2.3GHz high speed network connection functional.  I finally took down the alpha-delta fan dipole and the g5rv and the mount is down from the house.

New mount was fun to get up .. barely .. now I’m tired and have to put the fan dipole on the mount pole to have it erected on the mount on the house … that will have to be day 2. … maybe tomorrow … maybe not – depending how I feel.  Climbing ladders up and down just isn’t my cup of tea anymore.

So, when I mount this antenna up and give it a go, should be much better being much higher in the air 🙂  here’s hoping.

73, Dan ve4drk

Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group AGM

Wednesday July 29, a number of us met at the Sals on Leila to hold the annual general meeting of the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group.

Quite a number turned out for this AGM.  There was no topic per se, but a review of last year’s notes and new business was quick and that was it.

There are 2 newbies on the exec – Derek VE4HAY is the new vice president, and Dan VE4DRK (that’s me) is the new membership chair.

This will be a good tenure to take for a year or so — help out a bit as I also currently handle the MRS memberships as well.

Also of note – the WDR group is also now merged up with the HSMM digital group – which is great, as we have similar interests and uses.

Here’s to a good year ahead!

73, Dan ve4drk

New *short* contest (really short!)

A month or so ago, I received an email from a contest organizer indicating a new type of short contest is being setup on a trial basis.  Now, when I say “short”, I mean “short”!   How’s 30 minutes one evening during the week?!  Yup — for the month of August, on Tuesdays at 9:30pm (CDT) for 30 minutes, we run like NAQP and work stations with 100 watts.  Now, that is more my style, considering that’s all the power I have to run with — so it’s a semi-level playing field.

So, I don’t get into it right away, as I forgot about it and only worked about 15 or so minutes of the contest.  But, I did S&P and run for a bit – but given it’s so short, it’s hard to do much searching the bands — one would run out of time!  So, I stuck mostly to 20m and 40m and did try 80 and 160, but did not hear much on those bands.

So, all in all, a mere 7 contacts with 7 mults gives me a whopping score of 49!  woo hoo LOL …

Anyways, I had not been that active in the past while, so running a short contest was a good thing to try it out.

Will have to try again and see how many more show up …

73, Dan ve4drk

VE4LRFG – special event station

The local airwaves were mentioning that the special event station VE4LRFG would be working 3.885MHz with Amplitude Modulation — from a “19 set” to commemorate the two world wars.  This special event station would be operating from the grounds of the National History Site of Lower Fort Garry .

There was a lot of local hams in the Winnipeg area who were chompin’ at the bit to get a contact with this station — only a few were able to make it in from what I heard.  So, my XYL and I ventured “up” north to the “lower” fort garry history site — given we have a Parks Canada “Discovery” pass we picked up earlier in the year, we were able to save the entry fee (also to the Cabot Trail earlier in the month!)  It was quite the hot day and turned out to be quite muggy.

We did see one station setup in a vintage jeep at the entrance to the site – stopped to say hi and we ventured in.  Strolling down the path a ways, we arrived at the stone fort — impressive structure being built back then — and in the middle of the ‘big house’ was Joe VE4XI working the 19 set and talking to visitors explaining the setup and reason for the special event.  I came across some other hams visiting in the area and I spent some time talking to Joe for a bit and listening to him talk to visitors.  He was there for some time, so when it was quieter, he asked if I’d look after the station while he goes for a break — sure!

So, I turned up the RF gain and made some calls — I understand this was only about 10 watts output and it was only to a 30′ length of wire about 25′ in the area — but a voice came back, VE4UR, Bob responded.  Wow I thought, pretty good — should have been good as he was working the site mobile from the parking lot!

Anyways, it was great to operate a vintage set – I understand it is owned by VE4AY.  So, thanks guys for putting on the display and allowing me to operate the rig!

I wasn’t able to get a contact via RF, but I did get an eye-ball contact!

‘Till we meet again …

LoweR Fort Garry special event QSL card
LoweR Fort Garry special event QSL card


Back of QSL card VE4LRFG
Back of QSL card VE4LRFG

73, Dan ve4drk

VE1VAS – Marconi National Historic site

On my recent tour to VE1-land (Nova Scotia) it also included a trip around the Cabot Trail – a great experience.

I was also able to venture into Glace Bay and visit the Parks Canada National Historic Site for Marconi and the location ham radio station VE1VAS at the site.

VE4DRK at Marconi site
VE4DRK at Marconi site

A great visit for a historic site off the beaten path …

73, Dan ve4drk

Field Day 2015

The annual gathering of remote setup and operation on emergency power occurred again.  I was assisting with the setup of the computers/networking.


Colin VE4CST graciously provided 3 systems to use as logging computers during the event. I scrounged up monitors, keyboards, mice and cords etc and we had enough to successfully use.

Rob VE4GV and Cary VE4EA came over to my QTH with Rob’s radio and I picked up Derek VE4HAY’s radio.  This gave us some time to ensure the radios were talking properly to the computers.  It was great to work with the guys and with some remote support from Gerry W1VE, we were able to link up what we had.  After a long(ish) session, we called it a night and were ready for the following Saturday.

Early morning on Saturday I packed up all the gear:



After setting up all the computer systems, William VE4VR provided the networking setup and it all worked just great.  We even had a connection via our HSMM 2.3GHz radio link to the internet for general use.

Also had to put up the signage on the front-lawn of CMU:





Derek VE4HAY and Colin VE4CST examining their handiwork
Derek VE4HAY and Colin VE4CST examining their handiwork
New field day HF beam
New field day HF beam

That’s about the extent of my helping with the event  – spent most of the time at the event and only ran some HF a small amount … hopefully we did well.

73, Dan ve4drk

Glenn, W0GJ presentation to Radiosport Manitoba

Tuesday June 9th – our little radio group had a special visitor come all the way up from the states to give us a presentation on his involvement in the K1N Navassa DX-pedition.

We were also joined by friends from Alberta and the northern states by other interested DXers.  A hearty buffet was available – and most strapped on the feed-bag prior to the presentation.

Glenn gave us a very interesting presentation on the scope and size of the effort needed to co-ordinate/plan/execute such an endeavor.   I took in the presentation — and the subsequent following presentation.

Excellent presentations and content and our group was well represented.

A small fundraiser was provided by a couple of donations – and a key donation from Glen on a ‘rock’ of petrified bird droppings with K1N etched in it fetched a hearty amount to help the group.

Thanks to those who organized and supported the meeting – was great to hear.



Thanks for all the co-ordination guys — I was glad to attend.

73, Dan ve4drk

VA4WAN – continued progress and enhancements

Last Sunday William VE4VR, Colin VE4CST, Les VA4LES and myself headed up to the location of our VA4WAN high-speed networking site.  Had to re-establish some good weighting on a unit outside and ensure it was strong enough to withstand the high winds like we had a week prior.  Good thing it was built like a tank – no damage!

Since we were up there, we had to re-organize things 😉 … so, all the RF units were re-organized on the tower – here’s Colin doing his thing:

Colin working hard ...
Colin working hard …

The rats nest of PoE injectors was just that — a mess, so we had to do something .. re-org a bit better.  I think we need to invest in a good multi-port PoE injector unit for this site — sure would help keep things neat.

A new router-board unit with a metal box to help keep unwanted stray RF out of it was also installed – will help no doubt.

Our new 5GHz link radio and antenna was installed to point to our soon-to-be-new multi-connection point.  That will offer us dual BGP routing to our network from two major net connections .. wowser!  fun times.

Took a lot longer than expected – over 6 hrs 🙁 but we’re in a better position now than before.  A wee bit more work on things and it will be even better.

Today, I spent a hour or two working on a local ham’s nano station to ensure it is connecting properly to our network – so it’s line of sight and works like a charm 🙂  Happy days.

73, Dan ve4drk


Well, a week or so ago, we rounded up a couple of network gurus and headed back up to the site to ensure we get the networking setup properly.

Accompanying myself, was our host Ed VE4EAR, William VE4VR and my son Robert VE4RLK.

Sure enough – as soon as they were in and we pointed out where things were, it was evident what the issue was … so the box that I thought was just in dumb adsl model mode was actually in router mode and we were running PPPoE over PPPoE or some such .. so, fun .. was fairly easy to get things back setup properly and it’s been working just fine since.

The repeater is getting a good workout with all the IRLP connections and we’re able to monitor the system better now as well.

Robert and William figuring it out
Robert and William figuring it out

Our receiving antenna is at the very tip top of this tower – barely visible !

Great antenna
Great antenna

Thanks for all your help and time guys — and so it goes …

73, Dan ve4drk

Sierra Radio Systems controller

You may recall a previous posting where I discussed the local repeater group getting a funky new repeater controller.  Well, it is finally hooked up to a repeater and is on-line on our local 44/net.

It has some nice interface options to the repeater controllers which will be fun to experiment with and see what is possible.

I’ve worked with administering an IRLP system and setting them up -so some of the concepts are there, but in a much grander scale — this unit is rather nice.

Looking forward to implementing new VoIP/RoIP connectivities

73, Dan ve4drk

Radiosport Manitoba – special presentation — W0GJ

Well, this fell across my lap the other day from Cary VE4EA.  Seems he has been able to secure the presence of Glenn W0GJ to present at a special meeting of the group!  This is exciting.  Glenn has been involved in a significant number of major DXpeditions over the past number of years and has just recently returned from K1N Navassa ..

To learn more about Glenn, turn to his QRZ page at:

As well as for current information on the event, turn to

So, save the date — Tuesday June 9, 2015.  Location TBD — but we are expecting a large turnout!

73, Dan ve4drk


The Manitoba Repeater Society held it’s AGM Thursday April 23 at the Norberry Community Centre — our usual place for holding the AGM in the past while.  A good attendance of almost 30 members attended which allowed the exec to provide updates to finance, membership and technical updates as well as the current state of the repeater network — expansion efforts, as well as discussion on settings up a working group to discuss options for ROIP – radio over IP.

Certainly will be interesting to discuss.

73, Dan ve4drk


One of the groups I belong to is the VE4WDR – Winnipeg Digital Repeater group that runs and operates the local D-Star repeater.  I joined the group last year and picked up a hand-held dstar radio to try out the modes and understand more of the protocols – how we can use it/leverage it /etc …

Well, the computer that runs the internet-gateway services for the dstar system crashed a couple of weeks ago, and while it was attempted to resurrect the machine, it was DOA and not recovering, so a new server was procured – thanks to William VE4VR on his server-grade rack-mount unit with redundant supplies/etc.  After getting the software CD’s /downloads, I was able to get the server back in operational state – running in my rack in my basement.

So, we finally get a time where a group of us can scale the bldg at the site and install the new server.

After getting the old server out (a pc-based desktop housed inside a rack-mount enclosure), we needed to put the (larger) server in a different spot — higher up.

Plugging in the power and the ethernet cables, it came up just fine and started it’s registration process to put itself on the routes.  A little while late rand viola, we were back on-line.  Now Garth VE4GWB was working hard on figuring out the free-start g2_link new software – so there’s a bit of new stuff to figure out, but at least it’s back on-line and more secure.

Attending the fix was VE4GWB, VE4MAB, VE4VR, VE4DRK, VE4RLK and his S.O. Laura.

I was able to spend a few hours spread over a couple days to try my hand at the CQ WPX contest.  I didn’t quite make my deadline on getting my new antenna up, so I didn’t put in much time (nor effort) — so my score shows — I think I made around 140 contacts — so, just played around.

The other item that I was able to get tested out was my ubiquiti radio on the 2.3GHz amateur radio spectrum.  After setting it atop my 20′ pole, I was able to get some connectivity — albeit only at a 1.5Mbps rate .. so I do need more height — mounted to the pole above the house should do it 🙂  will see.

On the bright side, Walter VE4VB was ale to get connected to the network as well — he’s only a couple of km from the site, so it appears he has good coverage, but might be slightly obscured from equipment on top of the bldg and off to the side .. will do further tests to figure that out.

73, Dan ve4drk


VA4WAN – continued progress

A large contingent of hams scaled the 55 Nassau building last Sunday.  Accompanying us was our ISP provider Les from (who coincidentally happens to also be a ham) and with us was a large external enclosure and some new RF gear — a spanking new Air Fiber 24GHz unit!  So the point of this visit is to replace the existing link with this new hot one.  With one radio already setup at the base and this one being installed, the speed will be over 1Gbps duplex 🙂

Switching gear/etc
Switching gear/etc
The Air Fiber ... first dish on the right-side
The Air Fiber … first dish on the right-side
William, Colin, Derek (and apparently my thumb) working on the rack
William, Colin, Derek (and apparently my thumb) working on the rack


one switch, two switch - small switch, big switch
one switch, two switch – small switch, big switch

SO – how fast can this this transfer data?  How about 800Mbps sustained!  Now that’s quite a data feed for our little radio setup – and that’s without tweaking the configuration.

We have more work to do on the network configuration/management end of things, but it’s all good working forwards.

The effort now is to bridge this connection to remote points of the city and outside to provide services to hams and ham groups.

Stay tuned!

73, Dan ve4drk

Meeting VE4VJ up close …

While I was able to see the VE4VJ/VE4WPG site up close and personal on a previous visit on the roof, I had not been in the machine room where the RF gear is located – except for this last Sunday where I accompanied Yuri VE4ACX, Dick VE4HK to the Richardson building at Portage & Main in Winnipeg.

I didn’t realize the close quarters that the gear is setup in — mind you, we don’t need alot of room to host the RF gear.

The UHF repeater VE4VJ is being taken out of service to tune up the RF & audio.  Also – the two link radios are being brought in for Yuri to tune as well — almost like getting the oil replaced in your car – just not as often 🙂

RF gear
RF gear
RF gear ...
RF gear …


It will be back on the air in a week or so after Yuri does his magic … it’s a great repeater and site.

73, Dan ve4drk

Radiosport Manitoba March meeting

A rather nice meet-up occurred on a Thursday – March 12 – at a new venue for our group.  For this monthly meeting, we held it at a local restaurant and we invited our XYL’s!

We had all but one able to show up (work gets in the way sometimes) — and we all had a good time talking about DX and contesting – yes – even the XYL’s understand the lingo.  That’s a good thing considering they are always aware of the wires and gadgets the clutter the house up! 🙂

Quality of my phone camera is less than desirable – but you get the idea:

A fine group of ladies with the DX contest group
A fine group of ladies with the DX contest group

73, Dan ve4drk

ARRL International DX Contest

Its been over a month since I’ve been involved in any contests.

I started to work this contest — did a few in the first couple of hours — then called it a night.

Unfortunately, a run-in with my sushi coming back up on my caused me to miss most of the contest — bad sushi, means staying in bed all day — no radio!  So, I only make 49 contacts – not good at all – but at least I feel better now and can continue on.

oh well.

73, Dan ve4drk

2015 SSB Sprint …

I have to admit, while I had not had any experience working in this contest, I have heard about it read the rules/etc.  Cary VE4EA was drumming up local support for more turn-out to this contest.

I did read about it in the last NCJ that it would no longer be a supported contest from their perspective.  The indication was poor turn-out in the last number of years.  A band of hams got together to keep it going and they were pushing for participation — so I decided, why not – I’ll try something new.  Well, it was new for sure!

One has to remember the ability of their station (and the operator) to work a contest under various conditions.  I still consider myself a n00b in the contest scene and still get my feet wet where I can — this was a rather ‘interesting’ contest.  Another local ham, fairly new to the HF/contesting scene, Dan VE4DPR also participated — I worked both Cary and Dan on at least one band during the contest.

Score is as such (I hope):

The score -- brutal
The score — brutal

I can say for the first while it went along fine – and I was able to S&P and get responses when I was calling CQ — then about half-way through the contest, it became more interesting.  Seems I could not finagle a contact through a pile-up — and given that I only had one crack at it, until the next station came on, it was all or nothing.  I lost a few contacts when either they faded or adjacent QRM caused too much interference to complete the entry — remember I do run a rather old basic radio, a TS450SAT on a G5RV and a vertical.

The contest was also categorized as QRP/LOW/HIGH power … I’m not sure how the QRP stations would have made out with the high power stations.  It appears to be a fun contest for those with decent station setup and certainly if you’re running power – you can charge right in and get the contact.

So, as you know, I’m looking to increase the antenna count for my station — and have picked up a fan dipole to try out for better receive — will see how well it performs once it warms up a bit (I don’t like to climb the house at-40c).

Keep on truckin’ …

73, Dan ve4drk


Yeah yeah — for those not familiar with the ham radio contest scene, it’s geek talk for North American QSO Party SSB.

(And for those not familiar with what a QSO is, click on the words for a reference).

Anyways — it’s a relatively short contest (noon to midnight).  Single operators have a maximum of 10hr operating time, and teams have the full 12 hours.  Since my antennas work best on the higher bands, I worked everything I could at first, 10, 15, 20 and then switched to 40,80 later in the day.  I spent the full 10hrs working the contest – unfortunately didn’t find anyone on 160 – could have used some more mults I think.  My QSO rate was not what I was hoping – even with running for a while, it wasn’t what I was expecting – I may have left it too late.

The cool thing about this contest is that we’re all on a level playing field, so to speak, at least in terms of power.  Everyone runs low power – which means 100 watts maximum — or there is the QRP route (5 watts maximum).  Naturally, what dictates the score is how good an antenna system one has, as well as location/height.  To separate the men from the boys, operating skills come into play.

I ran with two antennas — a G5RV and a ground-mounted vertical — switched back and forth to check which was best for different conditions/etc — found the majority of the contacts were better with the G5RV, but for the odd one, the vertical proved much better, go figure.   (I had to make a note which antenna was on which port, as I had switched them around just prior to the contest after making some small mods.

Heard the usual VE4 guys on – not as much as the Canada Winter Contest – but was good to hear local activity.

Was kinda nice, I had my dinner delivered to me in the basement where my rigs are, so I was able to continue operating while muching down some grub.  (Thanks Miss).

So, the posted scores are as such:

Call: VE4DRK
Operator(s): VE4DRK
Station: VE4DRK

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10hr
Location: Canada

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs Mults
80: 15 11
40: 38 22
20: 64 29
15: 99 30
10: 14 3
Total: 230 95 Total Score 21,850

Club: Radiosport Manitoba

As you can see, 15 was rockin’, but 20 came up a bit more.

Used the new N1MM logging software – works quite well on this new(ish) laptop.  Now that I have the SSD drive installed and the OS working the way I want it, time to transfer all the goodies over to this machine and setup the digital side of HF things …

Until the next set … time to get the setup changed 🙂

73, Dan, ve4drk

VA4WAN – back at it!

Woo hoo!  It was a cold wintery and very blustery day (for being up 40 some stories) in downtown’ish Winnipeg.  A group of us, comprised of Derek VE4HAY, William VE4VR, Colin VE4CST, Robert VE4RLK, and Dan VE4DRK headed up the site to reset the link radio to our ISP Provider  Now that Les is operational in his spanking new data centre (very impressive to say the least) he and Colin were able to setup one end of the RF connectivity to our repeater site.

It was brutally cold – anything not covered up was freezing in minutes, so we had to have ‘warm breaks’ to get warmed back up before going back outside to the tower again.

William enjoying his fingers getting frozen… removing the older RF unit … Derek pointing the way …

Derek pointing the way "Land (RF) Ho!"
Derek pointing the way “Land (RF) Ho!”


Installing the new(er) RF unit … different operating band … less interference.  William, Derek and Robert.

Keeping on with the install... trying to stay warm near the vents
Keeping on with the install… trying to stay warm near the vents


Colin in the background working hard running grounding lines and ensuring a great setup.  Robert in the foreground.
Colin in the background working hard running grounding lines and ensuring a great setup. Robert in the foreground.


It’s funny how my outside pictures that far up look like they’re in the stratosphere – the hazy blue look to it.  It really was that cold up there though!

We were greeted with a visit by our ISP provider Les VA4LES who graciously provides our connectivity.  A good site survey and more discussions on what options are available and we’re done.  Derek and William stay behind a bit longer to configure up some of the networking setup.  A little while later, Les re-routes the BGP routing for our local portion of the net 44.  .. and we’re online!  From my DSL connection, I’m getting under 20ms RTT to our RF link – simply awesome!  Great job by all and there is more to be done to enhance the service offering to all the local ham groups and operators.  Lots of RF and computer and networking to work on, but it’s all coming together now.

Lots to look forward to implement …

73, Dan ve4drk

Radiosport Meeting – Jan 2015

Well .. it’s a new year for our fledgling group and it’s our second year providing information, meetings assistance and contesting to all things DX.  Our latest meeting is held at our leader’s QTH in south St. Vital.  It was annual membership dues time and we all continue to support our local group.  A total of 9 in attendance – a full crowed – new member Harm VE4HAZ who also is taking over responsibility for the Manitoba QSL Bureau after being run by Adam VE4SN for quite some time.

Quite a bit of discussion on supporting and encouraging the local HF community – the local ham community has had quite a few classes over the last couple of years and there’s quite a number of new hams who have HF privileges.  Encouraging to see.  Everyone commented on the latest RAC Winter contest just after Christmas that there was quite a bit of VE4 participation – comments such as “Where did all you VE4’s come from?” was a common comment on the air.

We also will be setting up some additional spotting assistance technologies to support the group – to aid in the usual VHF and Skype connections.

Of also interest to note is that our local fellows – VE4EA, VE4EAR and VE4YU are in the top ten in Canada for the W1AW contest over the past year in 2014.

After the general meeting, we were treated to muchies and a slide presentation of Ed’s trip to 4W.

Thanks Ed and his XYL Jennifer for the hosting and munchies, not to mention the great coffee from the trip.

A tour of Ed VE4EAR/VE4VT contest station setup – quite impressive.  I will also find a pic of his antenna/tower – quite nice too.

Showcasing some RTTY setup
Showcasing some RTTY setup
4W anyone?
4W anyone?

73, Dan ve4drk


RAC Winter Contest … whew!

Our local DX Contest group (Radiosport Manitoba ) was able to secure the VE4RAC callsign to run in the RAC Winter Contest these past couple of days.  The contest runs for 24 hours on 2014-12-27 from 0000h to 2359h UTC.  Next year’s (2015) RAC Winter contest will be on December 19, 2015.

VE4DXR volunteered to run the call and host a multi-single — and I was asked to participate – which I was more than glad to do.  Leor has a nice setup with a spiderbeam ontop of a 58′(ish) tower and runs a TS590 rig – a nice contest rig.

We started off on Friday evening and had a couple of good runs until it got “real” quiet near midnight – seems most contesters slip away into bed for a few hours rest — somewhat useful too considering the bands were not great in that evening.

Back at it in the morning, Leor is working stations before I get back to his station — we make some really good runs on 10/15/20 and Leor pokes away at giving out CW contacts in-between.  (Let’s face it guys, both of us don’t know CW that well, and it was hard slogging through – even with the decoder on!)  But we were able to push out some more contacts on that mode.  We did lack anything outside of HF and were limited to the 80-10 bands.  Something to note for further contests – prepare more ahead 🙂

By the end of it, we were able to contact much of the local VE4 contest traffic – great to see more calls on the air participating in this contest!  and it was great to hear a number of old callsigns and the usual contesting groups working.

By the time 6pm local hit, we were rather tired and were both getting the start of some form of headache — lots of SSB noise ringing in our ears 🙁

Chalking it up to experience, I think we both learned something from each other and are better prepared for future contests.

Here’s Leor’s station setup — he’s chasing the CW …



While I’m running with SSB …



The spiderbeam did rather well I must say — great signal *and* great audio reports … using the Heil microphones, it must show 🙂

Spider beam and GAP vertical
Spiderbeam and GAP vertical


Fun, fun, fun — until next time …

73, Dan ve4drk

New gear .. always welcome …

Well, during the Christmas season, it’s great to get a new radio piece .. in my case, a nice complement to the contesting scene for me — a spiffy new headset with boom mic  — welcome Heil Pro-set Elite 6 — another easier way of contesting – hands free 🙂

Thanks to my XYL, Michele, for such a great gift …

headset central
headset central

It’s being broken in right away!

73, Dan ve4drk

2014 10m ARRL contest

It was ‘weird’ working only one band on a contest – not quite what I’m used to, but heck, got used to the usual crowd in their usual places after a while — and some moved around just to make it fun to see if I can recall what their call is by their voice 😉

Only worked with the G5RV at 100 watts, so, no power station here that’s for sure.  Still had fun.  3830 score summary listed below … such that it is:

score summary
score summary

d-star …

well, i am a digital guy by heart – been working with computer since way way back .. (punched cards anyone?).  I’ve heard of this mode before and I’ve never really looked at it much before.  So, in order to understand more about it, I decided to try it out — and picked up a used ID31A (UHF d-star) radio.  It has conventional analog UHF mode as well as the dstar digital mode.  It is interesting to see the data-format used — will prove interesting as I move into using more of an integrated RF/digital mode and seeing what this protocol can do.  Naturally, one can replace the payload with whatever codec one needs — I’m interested in seeing if this codec2 can play well with the other options out there — will see.

73, Dan ve4drk

d-star (oldie)
d-star (oldie)

Radiosport Manitoba Meeting

It’s been some time since our group last met.  We were unable to set up a time to meet in October – a few fellows have been away – one on a DXpedition to 4W-land 🙂  That’s another story and there were stories 😮

A number of us met to discuss all things DX/contesting.  This time the meeting was held at Adam VE4SN’s QTH.  He’s an established ham with a knack for the DX and it shows – only missing a 1 (or 2?) prefixes.

We heard of our leader’s DXpedition to 4W land.  A local member will also be taking on the VE4RAC callsign for the RAC Winter Contest coming up just after Christmas.  Will be another interesting contest.

After going through the groups’ usual affairs, we were treated to some treats by Adam and his XYL Sylvia.  After such, we had a tour of his shack (pic below).  We will be assisting to get his logs from 3.5″ disk to cabrillo format to get it uploaded to LoTW. 🙂

Adam is also an accomplished painter – having dabbled in that for a while and proudly showcased some of his paintings afterwards.

A rather clean ham-shack if you ask me!

Adam's setup
Adam’s setup

A rather interesting piece of equipment he showed off — a key used from a WWII bomber!  Impressive to have and still use.


WWII Bomber Key
WWII Bomber Key

Our next meeting will hopefully be held just after Christmas – scheduled for Lee VE4DXR’s QTH.  More interesting stories 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk

ARRL Sweepstakes SSB

Unfortunately, I was only able to work a few hours on this contest.  This time I was at my own QTH on my own rigs.  After running on Cary VE4EA’s equipment for a while I get a little spoiled, so I started to work on the gear and bring it up to speed to run on a contest.  I did S&P for a while and, man, was it tough — I mean the exchange seemed so slow, it took, like, forever, to get to another exchange.  Oh well —  something to learn from and get better at.

My lowly score :-(
My lowly score 🙁

So, work is (again) on to get my station working easier on a contest …

73, Dan ve4drk

Repeater controller – cool

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a group that is dabbling in some interesting technology.  The MRS (Manitoba Repeater Society) – are working with Sierra Radio Systems with their beta RoIP device.  An rather interesting set of components compliments this setup.

A nice backplane to host the expansion cards.  A hosting ratio CPU board, a couple of radio interface controlling units and a new beta interface board.  This spiffy little guy is a unique merging of tech – it uses a beagle board (black) as the primary computing platform – which in itself is quite the unit for experimenting with! add a custom codec chipset and away we go.  The idea here is to provide a means to control the repeater systems remotely, automatically, scheduled events etc as well as providing a back-channel of VoIP connectivity to the main repeater systems.  All with standard open-source components/software.  I’ve got a fair bit of background with using/administering asterisk servers, so this is a nature interest.


New beta VoIP board
New beta VoIP board


I’ve got the unit up and running and on-line.  Will be very interesting to get this interfaced with the spare repeater Derek VE4HAY has and test this new mode out!

73, Dan ve4drk

CQ WW SSB 2014 contest

Now that was an experience.  I was able to participate in a multi-single operation for this 48 hour contest.  I have worked this contest before, but only for a bit from my own QTH with limited setup. Cary VE4EA’s location has a good antenna and running 500watts (or thereabouts).  Ops in this contest were Cary VE4EA, Kelly VE4XT and myself.

Serious business ... Cary & Kelly
Serious business … Cary & Kelly
Getting serious contesters to smile during a contest is a tough job!
Getting serious contesters to smile during a contest is a tough job!

I saw some incredible operating by these guys and learned a few things here and there – -just have to make it all ‘stick’.  That comes with more practice me thinks …

Our score on paper is good.  For the Manitoba multi-single category, we should have beat the last record – but with the error count still to be applied, we will see – it’s close.

I’d like to thank Cary VE4EA for hosting the setup, and both Cary and Kelly for showing a newbie how things are done.  Seems I have to re-learn my code to do more contesting.

oh – and here are the submitted 3830 scores:

Call: VE4EA
Operator(s): VE4DRK VE4EA VE4XT
Station: VE4EA

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Winnipeg
Operating Time (hrs): 37.3
Location: Canada

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 0 0 0
80: 18 4 3
40: 242 18 39
20: 721 31 75
15: 578 30 92
10: 1183 32 89
Total: 2742 115 298 Total Score 2,539,537


Club: Radiosport Manitoba

73, Dan ve4drk

New roof-top venture …

In support of the HSMM 2.3GHz digital project in the city, there were a number of us who got together to revamp the position and setup of the tower and antenna layouts on top of the building.   The building is about 40 stories high in downtown’ish Winnipeg and has a impressive view!

Looking North (eastward/westward)
Looking North (eastward/westward)

The day was a Saturday – it was cold — there was wind — we spent all day up there – about 9am-6pm.  Still towers were taken down and re-assembled – Harm VE4HAZ:

Assembly - Harm VE4HAZ



One guy working – 3 guys watching 😉  I jest – all had a good day of work.  Derek VE4HAY (at least his feet), Harm VE4HAZ, Ryan VA4MAC and I honestly forget the callsign of the guy in the middle with the touque – sorry about that!

Work work work ...



We even had time for a bite to eat – which was great considering how long we were up there.  Colin was able to not only get us some food stuffs, but also used the spare left-over cash to buy a needed UPS and battery for the controlling networking gear in the room!

Colin VE4CST, William VE4VR

Lunch time - note the new UPS + battery!
Lunch time – note the new UPS + battery!

The wind was biting hard, especially when you were higher up – and had no gloves on, right Derek?

Derek VE4HAY
Derek VE4HAY

In the end, we have the units up and operational with one trunk link installed on one end – rest to be installed on other side of the link a couple of miles away.  Networking is being configured and routing is setup – we just need that last link up to push it the rest of the way!  Soon — soon …

73, Dan ve4drk


… a new mode that I have not done before .. and still have not done at my own QTH.

I was lucky enough to team up with Cary VE4EA for a while Friday night at the start of the contest.  I stuck around and helped worked from 1900 hr local to about 0130hrs local the next day, so about 7 or so hours off and on.  Too bad we didn’t have it spec’ed out fully – would have been interesting to work more.  It is quite a different mode — no need to use a microphone — all keyboard and tuning – we had a bit of a pile-up there now and then too, so that proved interesting.  Cary kept going and got quite the score.

So, given that with RTTY — the next CQ WW SSB contest is coming up soon!  I will have to participate in that more fully 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk

Worked All Europe – SSB (WAE) 2014

Well– it all started out as checking into the local 80m traffic net.  It has been rather interesting the last few days — my noise-level on my rig is almost nil!  I’m wondering, what the’ is going on — but, with a couple of items working against RF, such as the recent CME and my ‘movement’ of my antenna to accommodate some improvements to my landscape. it’s hard to pin-point it down (at least for now).

So, I hear the odd european station calling on the contest and I give the odd call out here and there.  I’m not really working the contest per se, but am helping out some other hams get their contacts up with a local VE4 contact.   Remember, since I’m not really working the contest I’m not using my usual N1MM contest software, but am logging it via paper-log (yes, paper log).  I pick it back up the next day and end up spending more time than expected on the contest.  It was quite strange in some ways — I was hearing more European stations than local North American stations – again, I’m thinking my antenna movement is to blame.  The background noise level is almost nil – and some stations just boom into my rig, where others are so quiet, but I can work them non-the-less.   In the end, I put in a few hours to see what’s going on and to make further contacts

So now to the hard work, transposing those entries from the hard-copy to the digital version to make those submissions count for the rest.

73, Dan ve4drk

Radiosport Manitoba September meeting

A rather nice meeting was held at the home QTH of one of our members, Ed VE4YU.

Unfortunately, not all members could attend – of those in attendance were: Ed VE4YU, AdamVE4SN, Ed VE4EAR, Cary VE4EA, Dan VE4DRK.  Normal proceedings occurred and of note was that one of our members, Ed VE4EAR will be heading out on a DX’pedition mid October to 4W-land!

Ed VE4YU presented a number of videos/power-points on various DX’peditions that have occurred – was interesting to see and hear the adventures.

And, an interesting display was set up by Ed showcasing some of the radio memorabilia he has amassed over the years — very impressive!  Ed showed us his radio setup/shack and we attempted to assist him with some of the interfacing items.

We were filled with cheeses/etc and cake/ice cream, so all was good 🙂

Till next time – at Adam VE4SN’s QTH in Oct.

73, Dan ve4drk

CQ WPX Contest, RSMB Meet, Canada Day Contest, MARM fest, WPG Digital Rerpeater Group, etc

Well, I have some catching up to do on the posting front … it seems there have been some activities which I have not updated on in some time.  Summer months meant it wasn’t as busy on the posting front, but we’ll change that.

May 24-25 I participated in the CQ WPX contest — I think it was my first time submitting scores for that, but I neglected to note that.  Regardless, it was fun and I logged in quite a few contacts.  I did receive my results back — was behind VE4VT, VE4YU — good luck next time to me 🙂

June Radiosport Manitoba meeting ( had us meeting at Cary’s VE4EA’s household in my ol’ stompin’ grounds in Garden City part of Winnipeg.  It was great to see Cary’s setup and tower.  Of significant interest was the presentation by VE6TL on solar analysis.  The presentation was great and I only wish we could have more of that – it was a great learning meeting.  Jim VE4SIG also attended as he is organizing the 2014 WARC Field Day and RSMB will be operating the contest stations.  A great turnout as usual, VE4YU, VE4EAR, VE4EA, VE4GV, VE4DXR, VE4XT, VE4DRK with guests VE6TL, K7MKL, W6NF/VE4SNA, VE4SIG, VE4TTH.

Almost forgot to mention the June field-day!  Wow – what an event.  There was great support from a number of fronts and it was great to operate in – my first time at that.  I was able to work quite the pile-up with Yuri’s home-brew 40m loop antenna 🙂  It also performed quite well on other bands as well, go figure.    The 40m vertical array was sorta up – some issues, but the 40m vertical was still solid.  Of also significant note would be the conditions we had to work through.  I wasn’t around in the wee hours, but I did hear that Jerry VE6TL did have his operating tent and rigs fall on him during a vicious wind/rain storm.  I think we will be looking for solid structures to operate from in succeeding years – -a trailer may be in order.  I will certainly look forward to spending more time at field day next year!

July 1st makes it Canada Day contest day!  and I was able to work the contest at least for a while.  Will see how the results tally up.

August 16 was the MARM fest.  It’s a great organization and was celebrating it’s 25th year of MARMfesting.  A great achievement.  Unfortunately this may be the last official MARMfest in Austin, but will see.  There’s still a great time had by all who attend and have some eye-balls with those we’ve met over the air, but never in person.  The semi-annual MRS meeting was also held there with a presentation on the current status of the repeaters and linking system and more memberships were brought in – a great time.

Some of us local folk have been interested in supporting a high-speed ham-only digital network on our 2.3GHz bands for all ham groups and hams to use.  It is operational.  The local Winnipeg Digital Repeater group had it’s meeting on September 3 and William VE4VR and I attended to discuss options and plans for integrating the high-speed network.  In the end, it’s a great opportunity, so I also joined that group to support their efforts.

Upcoming events include the Sep meeting of the RSMB at Ed VE4YU’s home and hopefully some more contests.

I’ve been able to aquire an older TA33 Mosley tri-band beam — it’s a good size, as well as a 48′ self-supporting dmx tower – which will hopefully find it’s way to my QTH in short order.  Work is underway to re-do the landscaping, so will see where the tower goes.  Will see if there is time to put it all up prior to the snow flying, but that’s another challenge.

Regardless, I have also received a couple of satellite dish and their mounts to use on mounting a pole to support my 2.3GHz HSMM node – now that I have the outside-rated cable, will see how well the path works between my QTH and the node in Osborne Village.

73, Dan ve4drk



RadioSport Manitoba

Well – another meeting was had last night – this time at VE4XT’s residence.  A number of items were discussed and resolutions made — all in the name of actively encouraging and supporting DX and contesting 🙂

Also – we’re now bona fide group – even with official receipts:


Only had a few bucks in my pocket at the time, so the rest will pay when I meet up with Ed next — thanks for getting these spiffy new receipts Ed!

As I was saying – the groups’ about supporting and encouraging DX and contesting – helping other locals to get active on the HF bands and spread the word.

We will be working the field day operations at our local WARC field day — expect to hear us on – should be a great turn-out and lots of operating!

In the mean-time, my little TS450S seems to have developed a humidity issue (or so I’ve been told).  With the recent rain and my radio being in the basement (next to the sump pit), it may be humid – but it seems to go totally deaf (no rx/audio) when the filters are on — turning off the IF filters bring the rx/audio back — so — while I am very comfortable working with computing hardware and the like, I’ll have to check out the inners of this and check the connections a bit more — hopefully it will come to a good end — I like the radio and it works quite well.  Will see how things go — and hopefully I stay on the air.

till next time .. 73, Dan ve4drk


This is a VHF repeater located on top of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg – and is run by the MRS group (Manitoba Repeater Society).  Today, I was part of a group who went up to ensure the COS was operating and that it would work properly with the IRLP setup on that site.   We confirmed all is good with the network/etc and started logging state changes in the controller as Yuri probed the controller and did the soldering to wire it up.  After reviewing some online documentation on the controller pins/etc, we were able to isolate the proper connection – and viola – proper DTMF recognition on the software side 🙂

Our little group consisted of Ed, Yuri, Derek, Robert and myself — only took about 2.5 hrs to complete the operation …

Some pics of the work site below:

73, Dan ve4drk

Yuri and Ed
Yuri and Ed
Derek and Robert
Derek and Robert
Yuri, Ed and Robert
Yuri, Ed and Robert
Yuri and Ed
Yuri and Ed
Yuri and Ed
Yuri and Ed
Yuri soldering away
Yuri soldering away
lower section of the tower on top of the hotel ...
lower section of the tower on top of the hotel …








CQ WW WPX Contest (SSB)

Well, my code is rusty and I don’t do digital on HF (yet), so SSB it is…

This was a 48hr contest with a single operator only allowing 36hrs to operate.  While I did participate in this contest more than I had in any other contest, I was still within 12hrs of the max.

My interest was to have the opportunity to work plenty of DX and see how well it goes.  Remember, I still have my ol’ trusty ground-mounted vertical to work off of, so it was tough at times, but oh well, spring is coming soon too — and the snow is melting (although we’re getting another 10cm tomorrow 🙂

I heard a number of VE4’s participating in the contest and I was able to work a couple of locals, as well as the boys at vc6r in ve6-land – their 40m signal was strong.

With the time I had, I certainly logged more scores – and it was interesting to see, as the contest went forward, that my multipliers really made a difference for each contact I made – made me want to get that next contact in the log.  Was a couple of long nights and I didn’t work the end of the contest as I’m not setup to run, but I was able to get the following out of it:

CQ WW WPX score


I like the fact that I got 220 unique prefixes out of 330 contacts – that will aid my DXCC in the logs (I hope).  I pushed the logs to LoTW to beat the rush .. and I already have a couple more entities showing up, so I’m now at 43.  A ways to go, and I’m sure it will get tougher …

’till the next time …

73, Dan ve4drk

Russian DX Contest

Well, I had some time to work the Russian DX contest on this past weekend.  In some ways it was nice to have a one full day contest (even though I could not spare all the time — having only put in about 4.5 hours). Regardless, working DX with a vertical has it’s challenges — lack of directivity and being a tad on the weak side, especially since I run barefoot @ 100 watts.

I did hear a couple of the other local DX guys SaP, but not very much NA activity from what I heard.  Could be that all the beams were pointing elsewhere 🙂

So, here’s my results — I do like the fact that I am getting plenty of countries.


Time to get that computer interface working, and a foot pedal.

I received an email from NCJ about the sprint that night, but unfortunately was not able to make that on such short notice – planning in advance may help 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk


Radiosport Manitoba – Contest Group

Very good turn-out tonight for our second meeting.  While we continue with the process of structurally forming the group, we were able to discuss things HF and DX.  It was great to see everyone turn out and get to know what we’ve been up to.  Thanks to my XYL, Michele, for all her food and drink selections and spread, all was great.  In attendance:  VE4YU Ed, VE4SN Adam, VE4EA Cary, VE4GV Rob, VE4EAR(VT) Ed, VE4XT Kelly, VE4DRK Dan.

So, the group now has a founding executive to help things go forward.

President – Ed, ve4ear (ve4vt)

Vice President: Cary, ve4ea

Treasurer: Ed, ve4yu

Secretary: Dan ve4drk

We talked about a number of items and lots more to come, so we have work to do to ensure we support the interests and needs of the group and DX in general — so will be a great to see this group moving forward.

More to come!

73, Dan ve4drk

2014 ARRL DX Contest (Phone)

This contest runs for a full 2 day period (6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday – at least CDT anyways).  This year, I was able to spend a few hours working the bands – and I’m glad I did!  Wow.  10m was hopping and 15 was great as well.  20m was down until later on in the evening.

Too bad I was working the contest with only a vertical — but, hey, you use what you have.  Seems to me I need a beam – at least for 10/15/20 — I don’t think I can afford a 40m beam, especially the space and weight!

Our local group now has it’s name listed as one of the contest groups 🙂  Radiosport Manitoba (RadMan).

Our group listings are as such:

RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores
RadioSport Manitoba 2014 ARRL DX Phone Scores


My breakdown was as such:



While it was difficult to get through a pile-up, persistence did pay off most of the time — finding the right time to slip in.  Most of the time, once another station hears the ‘ve4…’ they get excited and work it in right away.  Seems again, this section is a bit of a rarity in the HF contesting world.

We had our inaugural meet-up a bit more than a month ago.  While most made it, there were a few absent.  Next meet up will be at my home QTH next week, so will be good to discuss all things HF/DX/Contesting/Station/etc … Looking forward to it …

73, Dan ve4drk

2012 ARRL 10m Contest

Well, I have been dabbling in the odd contest here or there, but I seem to get distracted and not upload my results all the time, so I just end up logging them into the LoTW.

But, in the mail yesterday, an envelope from the ARRL arrived.  In it, yes, was another contest certificate!  Wow, I was thinking, great — except — it’s almost embarrassing the score that was claimed.  A whopping “2” — yes, you heard that right – two.  Seems I have two options, claim the score or just submit check logs.

If you look at my first post in this little blog (the one waaaaaaay at the end), you will notice a little reference to this 10m contest — funny too, my 10m dipole is still up 🙂


What does this say about the local (ve4) participation in contests?  Well, would be good to change some of that!

Until another arrives …

73, Dan ve4drk

NAQP SSB 2014 – Radiosport Manitoba

Once again (for the second time) – I participated in the North American QSO Party (SSB).  It’s a fairly quick event running for 12 hours with 10 hours operating time for a single operator.  I worked almost the full 10 hours – those hours certainly go by fast!  I think the XYL enjoyed it better with me using my headset!  (Although – wearing them for a long time gets hard on the head)

First time for me operating with a club name — welcome “Radiosport Manitoba”.

I primarily used my ground-mounted vertical for the contest and did try the ‘long-wire’ – but in the end, the vertical won.  (That might say something about my setup of the long-wire though — so, I’ll work on that!)

My logged score (as it is) is as such:naqpssb2014rsm


Remember — I’m a n00b at this (ie: newbie) — so be nice.

I have to say, I’m in the presence of some local ‘masters’ of contesting, as it were, as the club has some serious participants with much more experience and great station setups:  VE4EA, VE4GV, VE4VT, VE4YU, VE4XT and me — that’s what I know.

I have received some more tips on enhancing my operating / etc — so there is always work to be done to get better – not to mention getting the RF gear in better shape.  Will see how much time I get to play in the next while (it is a hobby) 🙂

73, Dan ve4drk


RAC Winter Contest 2013

I enjoy the RAC contests — and like to make as many CDN contacts as possible.  (I need more wire in the air!).  But I did operate almost 12 hours in the contest — and in those hours I was able to use some new tools.  I actually deemed it good to use software to log entries instead of manually copying them on paper 🙂  Add that with a new(er) radio (ie: a synthesized radio with an auto-tuner as opposed to my ol’ trust Yaesu FT101E manual radio with manual tuner) — I was able to log alot of contacts.  (Well, at least for me it was alot).

This is what I will be claiming — 🙂

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
         1.8       1      10    1
         3.5      14     144    5
           7      24     248    7
          14      59     528    9
          21      42     364    7
          28       3      30    2
       Total     143    1324   31
            Score : 41,044
It is noteworthy that the sole 160m contact was with a local ham who I could probably see his tower if I stand on my roof!
Learned alot with this contest — so — as with everything else, I need better antennas…
73, Dan ve4drk

Visit to VE4VJ/VE4WPG

(Note I put VE4VJ first — I like that repeater more than WPG 🙂

Anyways — Had the chance to visit the top of the Richardson Building in downtown Winnipeg to assist in putting up a high-speed digital link to another intermediary — unfortunately, where the tower was located (on the far-side of where we were going to) and the angle was too steep (only on the other side of the block) – the link would be untenable. 🙂

So – looking for another means to put that into operation — there is always more than one way to skin a cat … more to come I’m sure …

Oh yeah – some pics from up high — great location though.

73, Dan ve4drkIMG_20131227_084916 IMG_20131227_084907 IMG_20131227_084928

10m contest …. weeeeeee…

This past weekend I was able to spend a few hours participating in the ARRL 10m contest and had some fun doing it.  It was certainly a lot easier making quick contacts on this new(er) rig of mine.  With my ol’ trusty FT101E I had to manually tune the rig and the manual antenna tuner — can take some time in some cases — but with this new digital radio of mine, I just go.

The band was fairly open — made contacts across the pond and alot of north-south DX’ing going on.  All-in-all, I hit 10 US states, 7 CDN provinces, 5 MX states and 13 other DX countries (I was hunting for more of the DX 🙂 … so, from my counting, I think I have about 4690 points.  Not bad, considering my standing last year — I made one contact 🙂  I was even able to massage the contacts and send in my log to the robot the same day!  A first for me too.

So — looks like it will be fun with the RAC winter contest coming up … will have to get a better dipole up for this one.

73, Dan ve4drk

Local ARISS project

I like to support the efforts of those who work with youth in various fields.  A prior WARC meeting brought about a presentation from the Shaftesbury High School High Altitude Robotics Project (SHARP)  and



Their mission is to provide a full-time available VE4ISS Telebridge System to the International Space Station located and operated here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Upon hearing of their goals, I immediately placed my money on the table and gave them a donation at the meeting.  I would encourage you to do the same.

This will be the only telebridge system in Canada for the ISS.  More information on the amateur radio support of the ISS is at:

(Note – recently moved from to — RAC has been hosting this site for years and ARRL has recently taken over hosting).

73, Dan ve4drk

New Radio …

Well – I’ve been looking at them for a while (new – to me – radios) and with my recent birthday money decided to jump in (thanks Michele/Robert).

A local ham was selling a digital radio (older, but newer to me) on the local flea market postings.  Had a look and it looks reasonable, so I jumped at it.  Glad I did.  I got home, plugged it in, listened for a while on a number of bands and tried out the functions/knobs/etc on it —- man — is it quite different than my ol’ trusty knoby FT-101E….

But, I tuned around and heard a very loud local station, Leor (lee) ve4dxr talking with some remote G3 DX  on 40m– so I gave them a call — lo’and’behold, sure enough, g3lnp (tony) came back with a 4/7…. unfortunately, with my antenna, I barely copied him and gave him a 2/5 — but, at least I made it out.  I’m sure he was doing all the heavy-lifting WRT RF — but I was quite pleased with the first contact made on this new (to me) rig.  It’s a Kenwood TS-450S(AT) and seems to work well.

I’m including the pic of the rig below and will have to test it out more rigorously in the weeks ahead — welcoming myself to the digital HF era (only a couple of years behind) 😉


73, Dan ve4drk

Woo Hoo ! Contest certificate …

Now this is something new that I most certainly did not expect.

Today, after getting the mail, an envelope arrived with my callsign on it from CQ WW Dallas.  Opening it up reveals a shiny new certificate for a contest I entered in 2012!  Interesting to read I was 1st place for low power SSB single operator on 20m for the Canada 4th area.  I think I need to look at what the 4th area means — probably provincial or some such? 🙂

Manitoba Section Results
Manitoba Section Results
My first contest certificate!
My first contest certificate!

Thanks CQ!

73, Dan ve4drk